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Anarchy Championship Wrestling: An Absence of Law Thoughts

This past Sunday, Anarchy Championship Wrestling held their March event at Hooligans in San Antonio, Texas entitled “Absence of Law” and it was off the charts. I was in attendance to see the action and was truly excited for what was to come from this event.

The biggest intrigue from this Anarchy Championship Wrestling show was, because of the large amount of injuries as suggested by Bradenton injury law firm from last month show, many wrestlers that are normally lower on the card got the opportunity to step up at this event. Some examples of this include “Too Much Metal” Gregory James, who faced his trainer Matthew Palmer for Palmers first defense of the World Hardcore title. This was a highly competitive and very violent match up that put James into a new element that the ACW fans have not seen him in. James proved to be one to look out for in the future of ACW, and definitely deserves another title shot down the line. Another breakout star from this event was Jordan Jensen of Huntington Beach, California. Even though Jensen proved unsuccessful in defeating Davey Vega for the Anarchy Televised title in a pre-show matchup, he held his own with the former Heavyweight champion and showcased a lot of skill. He cemented that later in the evening by pinning Vega in a four-way tag team match, so we may be seeing another match between the two down the line. You can see what you can do when accidently falling and being injured. In such situations, it is best to consult a reputed law firm and contact fall injury attorneys for hire to help you out and help you claim compensation. You can also find attorneys for traffic accident injuries who can help you recover compensation for the injury and damages caused.

Later on the show, a bit of a somber note emerged. Lillie Mae took time to announce to the crowd that she must retire from professional wrestling because of injuries. Anyone can be falling in a public location or getting into accidents, and injuries are unpredictable. Lillie is suffering from a fractured C7 vertebra and three herniated discs and must have surgery. In a very emotional and heartbreaking moment, she thanked the fans for their love and support, mentioning how she was upset that she would be “disappointing the fans”. I can say to the contrary that Lillie is far from a disappointment. From the 4 months I have been going to ACW shows, I have seen Lillie put her heart and soul in the ring and exhibit a great deal of passion about what she does.  On behalf of the Wrestling Mayhem Show and a majority, if not all, ACW fans, we thank Lillie Mae for her time in ACW. While we will miss you in the ring, us as fans would be more upset if you worked through these horrible injuries and something worse happened. We hope for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

This heartfelt moment then turned sour when the American Joshi Champion Angel Blue emerged to degrade, embarrass and berate Lillie. Facing the ire of all the fans, Angel was then attacked by her opponent, Rachel Summerlyn, and the match began. This very competitive match up ended in very strange manner, as Summerlyn mouth began to fill with green poison, even though Lady Poison was nowhere in the building. Blue then took the advantage and covered Summerlyn, once again angering the fans of Anarchy.

One of the best matches of the night was the first time matchup between “The Essence of Excellence” Robert Evans facing Evan Gelistico of the Submission Squad. This highly competitive matchup saw a lot of innovative maneuvers from both men. There were also many innovative chants from the crowd, including a “He-Man” chant that emerged when Gelistico proclaimed he “Had the Power” during a test of strength. However, the ending saw Robert Evans, the king of playing nice, taking a wrench, very similar to the wrench Portia Perez wielded all throughout 2011, and hitting Gelistico with it. After the match, Evans grabbed a microphone, describing that he finally understood that what Portia Perez wanted from him was to be as sinister and as devious as she was. Evans declared that he had finally reached his breaking point and even after taking it to Portia back at Guilty By Association 6, asked Portia to be his date to ACW Prom this May.

ACH made his next defense of the ACW Heavyweight Title against Mat Fitchett, who apparently after partying hard the night before on St. Patrick’s Day, brought his inflatable leprechaun friend named Murphy. After a little fun by the two men, the match began. Innovative offense and creative maneuvers a plenty were found in this matchup and both men continually brought out the best in each other. However, in the end, with a quick pin, ACH was able to retain against Fitchett. Both men showed their respect for one another and brought the fans to their feet at the end of this contest.

Finally, the main event featured the new CZW Heavyweight Champion Masada facing the Godfather of Anarchy Jerry Lynn, in a match that was made a CZW title match during intermission. Jerry Lynn announcing earlier in the week that he will retire at the end of 2012 brought an overwhelming importance to this match. This first time match up was an amazing site to see, especially after getting to speak to Jerry Lynn for the first time. Lynn is an extremely talented athlete who I have tons of respect for. Being born in Michigan, I followed a great deal of Rob Van Dam’s career and watching matches of him versus Jerry from ECW were some of the things that kept me loving professional wrestling. Masada picked up the victory, retaining his title, and as both men celebrated, the Submission Squad emerged and attacked both men. However, Scot Summers made the save, chasing off the men from St. Louis. Afterwards, Summers took the mic, mentioning the influence that Lynn had on his career, including the fact that Lynn is the godfather to Summers daughter Marley Lynn. This emotional speech ended with Lynn declaring that even though he is ending his 24 year career in 2012, this will not be the last time he will be in ACW this year, and that there is much more to come. All I can say is that I am on the edge of my seat and do not know what to expect.

Overall this was another amazing event from Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Their next show will be in Austin, Texas at Mohawks for Peace, Love and Anarchy and it is sure to be another amazing event. Watch back to Wrestling Mayhem Show episode #312 as we interviewed Justin Bissonnette a.k.a. Biss from ACW and also visit http://www.anarchychampionshipwrestling.com/ to find out everything about this great company. Also, at http://www.smvod.com/ , Smart Mark’s Video On Demand service has a great deal of ACW titles, with many best of’s and also the 2011 American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament that featured talent such as Portia Perez, Mia Yim, Serena Deeb, Christina Von Eerie, Rachel Summerlyn and much more ACW talent. All of the ACW titles on Smart Mark Video on Demand are only $9.99 so check them out and support them.

-The Wrestlefan

*photos courtesy of www.texasanarchy.com