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Classic Wrestling Mayhem Show 2: January 17, 2006

Episode 2 of the Classic Mayhem Show is up. This week, our young Podcast heroes determine the name of the show.  Yes, we were that backwards.  We are joined by Sorg, Steam Machine, DJ Lunchbox, and introduced to Chad the Shad, with cameos by Peewee with American Idol updates.  We establish Matt Morgan is not getting signed to TNA,wrestling needspirates, pontificate on whether TNA will ever get 2 hours of show and become the awesome, and talk about the new crew’s backyard wrestling history, including what a “Johnny Out the Window” Match is, and their view on backyard wrestling in general.

Music:  Twisted Thoughts “Price We Pay”

You can pick up on the Classic Wrestling Mayhem Show stream on Talkshoe and itunes to make sure you get all of the future episodes.