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Mad Mike Mayhem Article 2: TNA and RAW recaps!

Okay kids, second update of the week to make sure you are getting your weekly dose of Mayhem. TNA will be reviewed first and then Raw will be after the jump. Happy reading!

Segment 1:  Kurt Angle promo

  • “Eliminating the Monster” is this week’s title…have I ever mention how awkward the titles for the episodes are?
  • Kurt on his cell with Hulk as he is coming up through the stage is unique, but it seems like it breaks the fourth wall to me too much
  • Kurt vs. Abyss in a steel cage makes no sense to me, it should be Jeff since Jeff got attacked last week
  • Oh goodie, more cancer in TNA…TNA needs chemotherapy
  • I hate backstage segments that show just how small the Impact Zone is, really makes TNA look second rate, especially when they fight in the locker room set

Segment 2: Beer Money Vs. EV2 Lumberjack match

  • One of my biggest peeves about TNA is when they cut away from a segment for a commercial and they come back to that exact same segment, just looks disorganized
  • Flair still uses the wrong hand logo
  • I never understood Lethal Lockdown, if a pin can’t be recorded until everyone is in the ring anyway, why have the man advantage?
  • I hate that Beer Money is caught up in Fourtune they are such a good team
  • That was actually a good tag match if not for the cluster on the outside

Segment 3: “Epic” Foley/Flair promo, Bischoff/Anderson promo

  • This promo would be a lot better if Flair didn’t make himself bleed at the drop of a hat these days
  • The match on the live show will be fun to watch, and a good plug for the book
  • TNA does a lot of promos where they say they respect each other
  • These guys just seem like they are rambling now
  • I hope the match doesn’t get destroyed by run-ins and all sorts of crazy stuff
  • Why do people need’s Bischoff or Hogan’s blessing for the title match?
  • The $100,000 Battle Royal is still the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of

Segment 4: Generation Me Vs. Ink Inc; Joe segment

  • This is a really good tag team match, that is one thing TNA is still doing right despite breaking up a lot of their tag teams
  • Is this the first time Samoa Joe has actually talked since he was abducted?

Segment 5: Anderson Vs. Samoa Joe

  • Just because Anderson can say “asshole” doesn’t mean I find him interesting as a face.
  • I really don’t like that Pope and Joe have been dragged into this Nash/Sting/Jarrett thing no one cares about
  • I really don’t want to know where Miss Tessmacher “fits” into this
  • I really don’t think this “veil” will be lifted at BFG
  • “Pope’s not detachable.” is a great line

Segment 6: Nash in ring segment

  • I don’t like that Pope is now trying to be the Konaan of this new WolfPac
  • I get that these guys think Hogan and Bischoff are liars…but for months they haven’t shown any proof…like of anything
  • This is the second feud that has supposedly had an over 10 year build tonight…
  • Sting, you are not doing Scott Hall’s survey are you?
  • “Black hat, white hat” “turd in the punch bowl” can anyone in this damn angle speak English?
  • Hey Bisch, it’s “wet” behind the ears…not green
  • I really, really hope Hogan doesn’t accept this match
  • I hate these “film-o-vision” segments, AJ isn’t talking to anyone

Segment 7: Knockout segment; Kendrick Vs. Styles; Abyss promo

  • When did Miss Tessmacher get the power to fire anyone, and why would she fire half of the Knockouts division?
  • Madison doesn’t want to point out that it was her who retired Tara
  • I do like that they are actually explaining why Tara is back in TNA
  • I do like the closeups on Velvet
  • Way too much aggressive yelling in this segment
  • It definitely sounds like Tessmacher is a whore, especially with that little lip lick
  • AJ said on 7/22/10 he would defend the TV Title each week on national TV, and this is his second title defense
  • Awesome match between AJ and Kendrick, shame it wasn’t clean, but what are ya gonna do?
  • What is it with the trend of match stipulations being announced backstage on this show? I think it hurts the crowd’s interaction with the program when they (I’m guessing) haven’t seen these promos and don’t know the stories

Segment 8: RVD promo, Abyss Vs. Angle

  • RVD should be way angrier that he has come back before a new champion is crowned, and that he isn’t getting his belt back
  • Again, as of this preview, 25 men have not been booked for Bound For Glory
  • Angle is truly an asset for TNA he makes anyone he is in the ring with looks like a Superstar

Segment 9: Abyss Vs. Angle

  • Yet more unnecessary blood in a TNA match…guys blood doesn’t always make everything better
  • Ending the match during Reaction is a shitty thing to do to your fans, especially those who DVR
  • Why is Abyss able to make all three guys in the World Title match look like complete bitches, and not be in the World Title scene?
  • That’s the ending? Really? That’s not even an ending…oh TNA
  • One last note since I saw the first couple of minutes of Reaction on my  DVR…we don’t need to see Vince Russo…like ever again

Now it’s time for Monday Night Raw!!!

Segment 1: Nexus in-ring

  • I miss Skip Sheffield…just sayin
  • Fuck the haters, I think Cena is doing tremendous in this role
  • I do think Wade should force Cena to wear a Nexus shirt though
  • The monotone reading of the prepared statement is a really nice touch
  • I’ll never get tired of seeing children in the audience decked out in Cena gear look crestfallen
  • Cena getting Tarver to tag himself in before he even had to attack anyone is a nice storytelling moment for the match

Segment 2: Tarver and Cena Vs. Bourne Obesity

  • Cena signing autographs in the middle of the match is priceless
  • Cena delivered a really brutal beatdown here to Tarver, very intense
  • Say what you will, that Cena is Hogan-lite or what have you, but Cena can be really scary when he is “angry”
  • I will always love someone getting slammed on the top part of the bottom stairs
  • This crowd is effin hot for Cena, chanting STF, “Never Give Up”, I don’t know if they were prompted at all before the show, but these people were excited
  • GMail threatening to fire Cena makes me so excited for how long they can keep this story going

Segment 3: Booker She Vs. Natalya

  • Seriously Nattie is pouring her harts out
  • BTW the time it took me to write that, the match is over

Segment 4: Knoxville, Cena interview

  • The only gag I laughed at in the Jackass trailer was the giant high five, and Zack Ryder getting it was perfect
  • Does this mean Tarver is out of Nexus?
  • No explanation as to why McGillicuty and Husky is in Nexus’ locker room?
  • Oh yeah and I want to describe the Legendary trailer to you, but I still don’t know how!!!

Segment 5: Bryan Vs Sheamus

  • I get that Sheamus is mad, but this really kinda hurt Bryan a lot in my opinion

Segment 6: Edge’s apology, Nexus segment

  • This is where awesomeness happens
  • If this means that Edge and Miz will be recruiting for the Bragging Rights teams, I am already looking forward to the show
  • Edge’s crusade to eliminate stupidity has potential because both heels and faces can do stupid things, I just hope this has him spearing Swoggle on Smackdown
  • In Cole’s defense, he only became stupid in late November 2000
  • GMail should really let us know who he traded for, I kinda hope its CM Punk
  • Cole acting like the GM makes me scared its him
  • To be fair, I always liked Miz and thought he would be a great heel just because of his natural charisma
  • Nice to see Miz actually get the better of Edge at this segment when I thought it’d be spearspearspear
  • I think Cena will eventually play Wade and Otunga off each other to crumble Nexus, and I like that angle

Segment 7: Bellas skanks Vs. Laycool, Knoxville

  • I’m always a mark for people commentating on their own match, and these girls did it in class…especially since they lost
  • “Get off my friend!” so awesome
  • Nice to see the Bellas actually outsmart someone, haven’t seen that since we only knew there were one of them
  • The Maryse, Ted, Knoxville thing just didn’t work for me…at all

Segment 8: Ted/Knoxville

  • Johnny Knoxville does interact well with the wrestlers, so I do enjoy having him on the show
  • Nice to see Ted actually just use the Million Dollar Dream, instead of Dream Street
  • Awesome to see that Goldust actually wants the belt and neither Ted nor Maryse
  • Little known fact, Dustin actually had a shot at the Million Dollar Title a looooong time ago

Segment 9: Nexus segment, Battle Royal entrants

  • Otunga is totally playing the Rock to Wade’s Faarooq
  • The Cena music tease was pretty fun

Segment 10: Battle Royal

  • Wow, Bourne and DH got tossed really early
  • The thing that bugged me about this whole battle royal is why isn’t everyone going after Nexus like they did the night before?
  • The one time Nexus would have a distinct disadvantage would have been in this match, it was 15 on 5 for Christ’s sake

Segment 11: Battle Royal

  • Cena acting as bodyguard is a very interesting concept in this match, not something I’ve ever seen in a battle royal
  • Someone should make a video of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” to this match when Cena pulls Wade off of Henry’s slam
  • If Cena legitimately got eliminated I don’t think he would have been fired as he would have tried to help as much as he could
  • The staredown between Wade and Cena was great, it definitely makes you want Wade to get his comeuppance eventually
  • This match with Wade and Orton is going to be interesting especially if and probably when Cena is instrumental in making sure Wade wins

Well that’s all for the recaps guys and gals of the mWo.

Happy mayhem!