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Manifesto to Battle the Anti-TNA Curmudgeon

I had a spark of thoughts while working and spotting another array of TNA-hate tweets late last week.  Here’s the post I started on notepad on my phone, and present to you here.


What in the history of TNA or the people you know to be creatively involved tells you it makes sense?

What in TNA surprises you coming from these people?

This is a smaller company without the combined trial by fire that WWE has had over the years. WWE doesn’t put up with Hardys and Angles because it is a public company that has had a sordid past where Vince almost went to jail.  If I was the head of a company that almost got pinched on federal charges, I might be a little careful about the company I employ as well.

Friday during an LGBTQ talk at a conference, this lady said that if a company is ever going to include them in anti-discrimination policy, they neede to be told someone will sue them.  I put this directly in line with TNA.  TNA will not learn how to behave as a company that takes care of their talent, if the stories hold true, or behave like an “adult” until someone sues them.  Daffney already has a case due to her injury.

TNA is a young company that hasn’t learned these lessons of conduct, and depend in creatives that are doing exactly what you expect.  I know everyone isn’t gong to stop complaining.  That’s what the internet is for.  Maybe, just maybe before you tweet, you could take a look at what you’re complaining about.

What do you want it to be, WWE?