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Mayhem at the Black Sheep Puppet Festival

This Thursday, the Wrestling Mayhem Show will be at the Black Sheep Puppet Festival 24-Hour Puppet Reality Experiment.

Here’s the lowdown from their site:

Thursday, October 16, 7pm
24-Hour Puppet Reality Experiment begins live on the internet. Free.
Fifteen people from a diversity of backgrounds and interests will be grouped into 3 teams of 5, given tools, materials, and studio space at the Brew House, and tasked with creating 3 new puppet shows which will be performed in front of a live audience in only 24 hours! The Black Sheep Puppet Festival thanks PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 for social media promotion and technical expertise.

Sorg and DJ Lunchbox should both be in attendance Thursday night.  Speculation as it that the Stoke Monkey may be making a campaign stop as well!