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Mayhem Mailbag for November 13th 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

So hey hey hey hey mayhem crew!
It’s the longest reigning emailer to mayhem show its me it’s me it’s @bigppc!
Lawler came back on raw. Great to see lawler back. Punk and heyman did a great job weather you thought it was good or not. I think that lawler should of returned at WM not yet. So having punk saying this acting like heyman had fake heart attack and telling lawler that he didn’t leave ring that punk said he would of beat lawler to death. It was a bad guy does and he did why he was suppose to do. He got people to talk about it and react from it. Mission accomplished. Get over it! Fucking
“Surprise Horselady”! Shout out to the rizz! Punk is one of my heros. Heyman is genius!

R truth vs cesaro at ppv. Cesaro is amazing on the mic an in the ring. I am hopeing that he will get more time to show his talents. Little jimmy seems to be less of factor when r truth is going for a title. Little jimmy should not be something ppl talk about. Lets hope that cesaro retains against truth at ppv. Real us champ fucking real talk.

Regal vs big show ? Really? Damn I am a huge William Regal fan but big show dominated him. Way to put over the giant mr. Regal class act! Big show vs sheamus 2 hopefully out shines hell in the cell ppv match. It was great!
Ryback decimated poor Brad Maddox it was a 5min match. 2 min of brad running and 3 min of brutality. Balls in Maddox mouth. Maybe he will do something again at some point. New Colin delayne. Eh wrestlefan. Ryback has been fed. I think dude shat himself. #GoodHeHadDarkPantsOn

Miz as good guy. I can get behind this and no gay thoughts plz. Miz as the hero of team foley! Why not foley just made the Christmas is MiZeralble or whatever so it all makes sense for once. And it could be Aaaawweeeeeeeeeesoooooomee!

Sheamus vs David otunga aka Clearense mason on steroids with a drop of intelligence. Brogue kicked the shit out of him! If its not the great white than it ain’t right. Kerwin White reference. Bam!
Big show really likes to beat up regal. Damn!
D Bryan seemed to be alittle jealous. Wow funny stuff. Team MizFire! Bs team rhode scholars great match! Nuff said 4 of the best right now involved. Daniel Bryan is fantastic!

Punk vs Cena is good. Cena pins punk. Whatever ryback involved Cena gets pinned by punk and ryback is going to not be involve with finish at ppv! Feed Ryback Cena! Feed Ryback Cena!
That’s mine! 🙁 sad punk face. Classic!

TNA ppv quick thoughts pass or fail:

Hardy wins main event but good match still a fail! Aries is the man!
Devon vs Angle good match I guess. Angle wins pass!
Daniels and Kaz vs Chavo & Hernandez great match pass! Mexicans win!
Samoa joe vs Magnus joe wins good match pass!
Gallows or DOC vs Joseph Park aka ya know abyss. Just happy to see gallows on tv. Pass!
Storm vs roode vs styles and storm beats aj and now wahhhhhh aj get no title till bound for glory next year! I am calling AJ wins bound for glory tournament to face champ next year! Happy for storm! Pass!
Eric young and Odb vs Tara and old boy who cares but Eric young is funny an both girls are good in ring old boy from brother from another mother can fuck off! Fail
Joey Ryan vs RVD good match but kind of weird match! Pass
TNA gets a slightly passing grade because Jeff hardy win is pointless can’t wait till we have real champ again. Maybe cowboy?
Time will tell
Till next time it’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc
Survivor series match WMS team PPC LB, chachi, zorg, and me

If you could make a independent group of wrestlers and make them a invading group who would be? What’s there name? Who is leader and such?

Generico, cabana, Kevin steen, and mr 1859 cliff Compton, and they will be the Midwest midcard mafia. Even though a few are from else where I know but it could be fun. Think who you would want? Thanks @bigppc

From Mad Mike
Twitter: @MadMike4883

Hey guys, wanted to dominate on all forms of media this week because I just had an amazing idea. Punk and Foley have been feuding technically for over a month now, despite not even being on opposing teams at Survivor Series anymore. What if the plan is for Punk and Foley to have a match at TLC, either the T or the C most likely. And then Punk brutalizes Foley so badly, that now his buddy and former tag partner Dwayne, actually has a reason to feud with Punker now?

Just something I thought of as I was sitting in my plastic condom suit at work. Yes it’s exactly how it sounds.

White alchemist ending transmission

If you wanna be on next weeks Mayhem Mailbag, email us at [email protected] about anything you wanna say about the week in wrestling!