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Mayhem Mailbag for November 6th 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

Hey hey hey what’s up mayhem crew
It’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc
Luke gallows is in aces and eights yeah! I am happy hope there is more reveals. Will gallows ever possibly be on mayhem show? Probably not
Other than that TNA was alright. Roh wrestling with jay lethal and Kevin steen is great! El generico ! Ole! Ole!
Team masked marvels with r truth and little jimmy vs prime time players and the United States champion Antonio Ceasaro. Great way to start off raw instead of bs promo that usually starts and ends up in the teddy long tag team match playas! holla! holla! This time we just got a tag match minus the bullshit not bad. Fantastic match by all! Masked marvels are great at winning matches that mean nothing! Props to @EGAOle they are great I enjoy Rey and cara and many luchadors and I mean no harm just like giving facts. Amazing by the way! Below

Rhodes and sandow and team hell no Bryan and Kane is still fantastic! I am hopeing that this will cultivate a great match between these to but we can now include other tag teams in the mix. This would help make the tag Division something instead of just these singles star to shine brighter now as teams.

Fact : 3 M B vs The Uso’s lots of tag matches tonight not a bad thing.

Fact : I don’t care if it makes me mean glad Jerry lawler is better and all but I like having jr and jbl

Fact: brad Maddox is a good wrestler…………I don’t think he can beat ryback but I hope he does…..ya never know next week apperently.

Fact: team co bro actually won a match I will say nothing except this will end soon I hope santino is better than terrible but worse than shitty. a compliment woo woo woo they won one

Fact: Barrett vs sheamus on Ion tv this week Wednesday fucking watch @chachisays waaaaaaa! Just watch

Fact: wade Barrett! He is fucking over in his home town eh Barrett fucking barrage!
Fact :Vicky has a evil maniacal laugh.

Fact John Cena should not try and open doors when in towel it was cold. Wasn’t it John?

Fact aj Cena porno happened in lunch boxes head how was it? Wait for his answer……………
Team punk now is team ziggler miz del rio sandow and Rhodes
Vs team foley still I guess team hell no Bryan, Kane, Kingston, Orton and who replaces ryback ????????
So now it’s a triple threat ryback vs punk vs Cena
Ryback & Cena tag against Ziggler and Punk! Why not just make it a fatal four way match with all four against punk for his title since Vince is handing out title shots willy nilly! I mean shit one ppv with no Cena and seems like Vince just threw him in title picture like the rock who normally returns and gets title shots anyways…

Fact Cena got boooooooooooooo’ed!
Cena vs ryback vs punk should have happen in the cell last ppv I think but whatever at survivor series will be good. Feed him more! Feed him more! Fuck feed this dude already! He is hungry!
Maybe it’s because I have been playing wwe 13 and just love wrestling that I can watch it all the time and say I enjoyed raw even if they completely changed the ppv from last week they needed punk to defend title, instead it needed to happen.
Wrestlefan you may need to cover your ears. Just kidding 19 yr old. Calm down
Going back to past thought if you could have any diva or former diva in a porno which would it be? Trish or A J I say. Shout out to the hogan porno brother?
what was your favorite top 5 ppv? I would have to say fall brawl, Halloween havoc, king of the ring, royal rumble, and wrestkemainia this is in worst to best order.
Till next week it’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc I turn the same age as wrestlemania on 11/11/12. Same day as TNA ppv lucky me? I hope it is good

From BobbyFJTown
Twitter: @BobbyFJTown


What is up! I hope everyone is enjoying election night. I for one am glad it’s over soon as there will be a 1 week reprieve from the next cycle of campaign ads… anyways.

Wrestlefan and I were talking about Fandagoo today on the Facebook page, He thinks the gimmick is going to fail. I think the gimmick is going to be a success you know why…. I can’t get Fandangoo’s theme song out of my head, from this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bQA1nJp59aU


Moving on, I think we had a breakthrough with Randy Orton this week, he actually lost a match to Wade Barret, but with the help of Alberto Del Rio, which is fine I guess, also the fact that he no sold a hot pot of coffee by softening it’s strength with a handfull of napkins. RK…OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

Brad Maddox’s promo wasn’t the greatest but the dude tried. I give him 2 Ryballs out of Four.

Also what’s up with R-Truth defeating both Cessaro and Gabriel in the last week? What happened to their pushes, Lil Jimmy is confused.

So with that I bid you a fond farewell and leave you with this. http://look-at-this-photograph.com/?photo=http://cdn.gunaxin.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/virgil-header.jpg

BobbyFJtown…. The F is for From.

From Cero

hey mayhem-ers,

this is cero, quick email, I know wrestling outside the states rarely (or ever) gets any love, but I wanted to promote NJPW’s King of Pro Wrestling from October. It won’t only be the best show of the year, but it has the best match of the year with Tanahashi vs Suzuki.

The show is on youtube, try to check it out if you can.


cero out

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