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Mayhem Mailbag for October 16th, 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

Hey mayhem crew! it’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc

Tna ppv was pretty good. Jeff hardy can suck a dick for a sure. Tna attempt to keep him from going to wwe WTF, disappointing for sure. I was happy with most of the rest of show besides nobody thought that dvon would be in aces and eights. I bet he is not the leader since it was not revealed as such we will see.
Rvd new x champ is cool but weird I think hardy I more x division champ and rvd would be better for champ against Aries but whatever. The creatures of the night better be happy. What a bunch of losers, fairys, not worth my time Jeff hardy fans. What the fuck ever.
Joe won horray! Joey ryan wins hooray!
Chavo and hernendez is kind of hooray since I liked all 3 teams.
Storm vs roode was probably best match.
Hogan coming out and clearing house was pathetic I wish he could just be a gm and not a dumbass old rediculously stupid pointless individual as hogan is. He should not be in a ring competing in anyway or physically get involved. Hogan = nursing home patient

Wow what kick by Kingston on miz up there with brogue kick and WMD. He got knocked the fuck out! Man! (Chris tucker voice)
D bry and Kane good stuff per usual.
Team hell no team friendship or team fire frenzy negative Nancys

Sin cara’s blue lights on smackdown. Boooooooo! This is stupid I hope rey comes back from injury soon. No more blue light special bull shit lights. By the way rey and cara will lose el grand azula and Vladimir koslof should be still In w w e but oh well at least there is a credible u s a champ not a Italian penis salmi bull shit ass competitor.

Ryback getting a shot at punk is cool. I don’t think he is going to win but at least Cena doesn’t need to be in main event all the f’n time. First time for everything by the way Cena finally put a fellow face over but has not since zack Ryder and woo woo woo he blew it.
Prime time players best team co bros again. Santino has officially lowered zack ryder’s stock to as low as santinos stock. If you were interested you can find ryder and santinos careers in the toilet. Please flush when through. Ugh poor ryder.

Barrett vs sheamus should be main event for hell in cell not big show sorry show but it would be more entertaining in my opinion.
Referee missing leg or foot on ropes is getting old I think.

Eve was the blonde attacker lets move on. I would like Natalya to be on tv or katyln ugh or bring back aj to the ring.

Pwi 500 this year is a good read FYI.

Ziggler and otunga vs ryback is interesting. Ziggler left match so doesn’t seem like this was a real handicap match but whatever. Great it made ryback look strong against at least real superstars kind of for otunga but ya like I said whatever.

I know that there is mixed feelings about wwe 13. I per ordered my copy this week. So what is your favorite person that you are excited to play as?
What is a stable you would make in the game? And what game type or feature are you most looking forward to on the game?
I will make the nation w/ Kingston Henery, r truth, rock or united nations from wwe 12 w/ sheamus, Barrett, drew Mctyre, and william regal. I like the universe and attitude era modes and I can’t wait to use Brodus clay and Damien sandow. Your welcome.

Till next time it’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc

From El Gran Azul
Twitter: @EGAOle

Hola, amigos! No Rey en RAW? No me gusta. Ole! Rest of RAW es decente. Coming soon, first El Gran Azul review for Wrestling Mayhem Show (with your approval of course)…be on the lookout for it, amigos!

Until then, muchos gracias! Ole!


El Gran Azul
Follow me on Twitter! Ole! @EGAOle

PS: ROH iPPV spoiler: El Generico is back! OLE, OLE OLE OLE, OLE, OLE

From Tonio Garza

Hey mayhem,

it’s me, it’s me, aww screw this. This is cero. I won’t make it in today. Some things that need to be addressed.

My raw review… raw was good

1. Say what you will. Bound for glory was a good ppv.

2. This week i learned ryback is the next big thing.

3. Sad news. Hector Garza (the wrestler, not my cousin ) retired cuz of pulmonary cancer.

Stomp the wrestlefan. Name the pwg 6. No googling.

Laters dudes.

Cero out

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