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Mayhem Mailbag for October 30th 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

Hey what’s going on mayhem crew?
It’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc Phil!
So hell in the cell ppv in the past had at least both world titles or dx tag match in cell against Rhodes and diabiase had match for tag tiltes in cell in past. But tonight only ryback vs punk is the only people in the cell. Just seems pointless to call it hell in the cell ppv when almost ever match is normal match so is it normal match Sunday what a ppv name hub I just thought of it! Fucking fail! Ya sheamus vs big show match was good but it should of been in a cell for fucks sake!
Big show reign begins awesome run by Sheamus and I thought this was a great match No Ziggler! 🙁 sheamus and big show took each other to their limits and brought out best in both.
Cesaro vs Gabriel was a good match. Both are great wrestlers I am very big cesaro fan so him retaining was the right choice for me. Disagree? Go fucking 450′ yourself in your pants! Justin run one off Gabriel. See just made it harder for you to want to see Gabriel on tv unless you enjoy men over women which is fine than you may enjoy that so there ya go! I don’t discriminate yo.
Daniel Bryan and Kane, team hell no, team friendship, the hellfire negative Nancys, vs team Rhodescholars Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow this was great I was actually happy this went to disqualification because I was not ready for Kane d bry team to be over yet and I didn’t want rhode scholars to lose and break up either so this worked.
Random but good match Rey mysterio and sin cars team masked marvels
Vs primetime players sin cara was dropped on his head hardcore he could move his head out of Titus o’neil huge shoulder. Team Mexican masked marvels win but it is not for titles or title shot so booooo hooooo @ElGrandAzul. Hahahaha! (Russian laugh)

Miz vs Kingston was good as well. Miz is possibly losing to go on to have a push? Good for him of it happens! Like I said boom jimmy in your pants! Thank goodness kofi is champ on his own.
Caesaro and Gabriel had a great match too! Best European uppercut in buisness and neutralizer is fantastic!
Divas match was not good period.
Ryback and punk did just what it needed to punk got heat by weaseling his way out of match with ref and ryback got over with fans had his moment and punk kept his title and streak of ryback whatever right?
Overall pretty good ppv!

Raw thoughts:
Team foley vs team punk
Ryback team hell no Kingston and Orton vs punk team rhode scholars del rio and the miz. This should be pretty entertaining at survivor series.

Looks like we might get a ziggler vs Cena feud good stuff!
3 M B ! Their a band baby! Great!
Sheamus vs big show rematch sounds good
Brock DVD remake interesting! Hope he does more next year time will tell.
It is nice to have. Tag team division fucking great!
D bry is f’n great! Yes! Yes! Yes!
New game wwe13 comes out tomorrow! Yes! yes! yes!
Brad Maddox is wrestler/ref from ppv we will see how this goes!
Barrett fucking barrage!
Ziggler still has briefcase. Tick tock tic tock he will cash in soon I bet. Next two months.
Vicky is not fun. Fact
Aj is fun size. Fact
Cena’s penis is a trouble maker.
Santino and Ryder boo boo boo you blew it!

Question of the week of you could make your all time favorite survivor series team 5 ppl alive or dead and
5 ppl to face them alive or dead. Please answer with ppl on show.
Bret hart Jericho edge Benoit and Owen hart vs hbk HHH Orton flair and Nash team Canada vs team Up HHH’s ass lol what about you guys?
Till next week don’t forget to play Wwe 13 I will be!

Damn Canadian
The busser man!
Practical PC
It’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc Phil

If you wanna be on next weeks Mayhem Mailbag, email us at [email protected] about anything you wanna say about the week in wrestling!