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Mayhem Mania Week 4: Secret Wars!

This. Is. Mayhem Mania!

It’s not just the ultimate fantasy booking challenge. It’s also a competitive thought experiment!

The object of Mayhem Mania is to craft the best WrestleMania card possible within the boundaries of our current reality. That means anyone WWE can book in a match is available to our players. 

The journey so far:
– Week 1
– Week 2
– Week 3

Every week, we invite players to make a change to one of the matches on our cards. They can:
– KILL a match entirely and CREATE a new one with other individuals
– SWAP out an individual or team in a match for another individual or team
– SWAP out an individual or team in a match with an individual or team in another match already on the card
– ADD an individual or team to an existing match

Not everyone is currently eligible to be used in Mayhem Mania. Some are being held in a place we lovingly refer to as SPACE JAIL. Here’s the current inmate count:

  • Roman Reigns – Charge: Excessive Uce of a chair against the Honorary Uce – Charges Pressed by Tina Keys
  • Rhonda Rousey – Charge: Crimes against humanity or just fashion – Charges Pressed by Dave Podnar
  • CM Punk – Charge: I charge him with disturbing the peace everywhere all at once – Charges Pressed by Tony Kincaid
  • Austin Theory – Charge: He knows what he did – Charges Pressed by Mad Mike
  • Lacey Evans – Charge: on behalf of all neuro-spicy Wrestling Nerds. – Charges Pressed by TeamHammaFist
  • All McMahons – Charge: Vince Steph Shane and Linda. After the past few decades keep them away from anything WWE – Charges Pressed by Dave Podnar
  • Hulk Hogan – Charge: subjecting us to Hogan Knows Best – Mad Mike
  • Ric Flair – Charge: for his own protection – Tina Keys

Matches on our card can GRADUATE to the Mayhem Mania SUPERCARD via various means. That simply means they are “locked in” and can no longer be changed. It also opens up more slots to create more matches. Currently, two matches on each night have GRADUATED to the SUPERCARD.

4 moves were made via secret Patreon methods.

Move #1 (by Tina Keys)
SWAP Gunther for Bull Nakano vs Rhea Ripley

Move #2 (by TeamHammaFist)
SWAP Roxanne Perez for Gunther vs Asuka

Move #3 (by Bodiggity )
SWAP LA Knight for Kota Ibushi vs Seth Rollins

Move #4 (by Mad Mike )
KILL John Cena vs Veer
CREATE Damage CTRL vs Jay White and the Good Brothers

Here is what the card looks like after this week’s moves: 

Created by Mad Mike
Damage CTRL vs Jay White and the Good Brothers

Created by Tina Keys
Bull Nakano vs Rhea Ripley

Created by TeamHammaFist
Gunther vs Asuka

Created by Brandon
Montez Ford vs Ricochet vs vs Wes Lee vs Carmello Hayes 

Created by Dave Podnar 
Bray Wyatt & Uncle Howdy vs Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

Created by Rizz 
Kota Ibushi vs Seth Rollins

Created by Dudders 
R-Truth vs Stone Cold Steve Austin 

Created by Sorg
Johnny Gargano & Candace Leray vs Corey Graves & Carmella

What do you think about our matches? What changes would you make? Leave a comment down below and thanks for enjoying Mayhem Mania!

Special thanks to TeamHammaFist for Mayhem Mania “Castle” logo and bumper graphics!