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Mayhemers Love Captions!!!!

You guys pulled out all the stops on the captions.  This should be the most of our submissions!




Doctor: “So you’re telling me when you finally got a hold of her, her vagina was stretched this long?”

Edge: “Yessir.”

Doctor: “Wow, Lita really is a whore. ~wrestlefan2000


 “You and me, Edge. I’ll show you how the live sex show SHOULD’VE went down!” ~TheRockandRollOutlaw


You’re from Canada, eh? Guess who I am?! Bret Hart!


Sorry Mr. Copeland, we couldn’t save your arm…however the muscles that we did save makes you push the boundaries of an R Rating…and this is only the width.” ~Rizz


With Edge giving directions, Dr. James Andrews tries to recreate where exactly Edge had to put his hands to touch the boobs of Vickie Guerrero. ~Rizz


Edge watches in horror as he is strapped in and Dr. James Andrews shows him how “big of a fan” he is of Edge.~Rizz

“You went from Lita to….Vickie Guerrero…..What the hell were you thinking?!” ~Rizz


“So i killed the hooker like this” ~JuggaloJamie

 “Lita’s dick is this big” ~JuggaloJamie

“The baked potato was this far up your ass” ~JuggaloJamie

“Next time Vikki attacks you go like this” ~JuggaloJamie

“TNA sucks this much times 10,000,000 ” ~JuggaloJamie

 “Magic time ” ~JuggaloJamie

“SUCK IT” ~JuggaloJamie

“The apes ass was like this ” ~JuggaloJamie