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My WWE.com Wish List

From sirpsychosexy.net
No secret that I am an avid wrestling fan/podcaster, and Web 2.0 aficionado. Well, I think it’s high time WWE.com’s producers attended a Podcamp session or two…

Things I like about WWE.com

  • The Dirt Sheet and Santino’s Casa are some of the best WWE segments not on TV right now. (and they should be). If this were the days of syndicated Superstars and Wrestling Challenge of 15 years ago, they would find a home there.
  • The inclusion of “industry news” is a great way to show WWE as the dominant role they are, and still scratch the backs of the “undercard” of the business that they derive their talent pool from, in most cases. Even their “competitor” in TNA is listed in several stories, as well as Ring of Honor.
  • Thank you for cleaning up the navigation as of late. It was getting hard to find something as simple as title histories and future PPV schedules before now.

But WWE.com, Joey Styles, here are some things that will make your site truely up to date.

  • Lose the Windows Media Player. It’s a bitch to use in non-IE browsers, as most haven’t them up properly, or have some sort of relationship problem, from my experience. I do see your attempts at incorporating Silverlight, starting with the ECW content. Time will tell what that brings.
  • RSS Feeds. I would love to hook up WWE.com in my Google Reader to see when my favorite segments (the Sheet and Casa, mentioned above) and even news stories, without me having to peruse the site and discover these updates on my own.
  • As an attachment to that, itunes! Why wouldn’t I be able to do the same with the videos in my itunes! automatically serve me the WWE.com segments I want. They could even sxpand their on demand service they push through their web site to watch old matches and PPVs for purchase through there. No reason DVD releases and events couldn’t be released here as well.

But overall, I’m surprisingly happy in the direction of the site since Joey Styles’ reassignment as .com bossman.