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NXT Women’s Championship Pot Luck!

Welcome to the start of brand new (and potentially interminable) thought experiment from your friends at the Wrestling Mayhem Show. It’s the NXT Women’s Championship Pot Luck!

Let’s face it. Asuka runs NXT. She has a stranglehold on the NXT Women’s Championship, and the end of her reign is nowhere in sight. It’s virtually inconceivable. I mean, maybe Ember Moon has a chance, but even that feels like a stretch. As for the rest of the NXT women’s division…yikes. There’s certainly a lot of women with a lot of potential, and they’re getting hours of the finest professional wrestling training possible under the umbrella of your beloved industry leader, WWE, but the legit contenders are in extremely short supply. What was once the crown jewel of NXT is in a rebuilding mode.

That brings us to this little game. The concept is very simple. Everyone chooses one woman on the NXT roster (Asuka and Ember Moon are not eligible, because let’s face it – they’re light years ahead of the rest). Since this is a pot luck, it’s only fair that anyone who wants to play puts something on the line. I don’t even care what it is. It can be some useless junk you don’t want anymore.

The point is, everyone throws something into the pot to play. They pick their girl. Then, we all sit back and wait for one of them to win the NXT Women’s Championship and deliver the glorious pot of prizes to the genius who picked them. It’s a race to the title.

This game is open to anyone who wants to play. Eamon Paton is the arbiter of all disputes over the eligibility of the woman you want to select. Here’s the list of those who are already spoken for. We’ll update this post going forward as others join the game, and reveal what prized, unwanted possession they’re throwing into the pot.

Source: WWE.com

Bobby: Billie Kay
To the surprise of absolutely no one, it’s ride or die with B.K. Broiler for Bobby. Billie Kay is a former basketball player from Australia who spent eight years on the independent scene before getting her developmental deal with WWE. She debuted on NXT in early 2015.


Sorg: Binky Blair
Who? It didn’t take long for someone to go deep into the WWE developmental program in search of a winning pick. Bianca Blair has a background in CrossFit. She signed with WWE back in April, and something must be clicking because she made her debut this past June at one of theNXT house shows in Florida. This just might be crazy enough to work out for Sorg.

Source: WWE.com

Eamon Paton: Liv Morgan
#YaOnlyLivOnce! #SlayLivSlay! #LIVSquad! #LIVLYF3! #StayBrutal! Liv Morgan’s hashtag game makes her the Twitter equivelent of Dean Malenko. If she can be just a fraction of what the “Man Of 1,000 Holds” was in the ring during his prime, Eamon may have the winning ticket right here. Morgan is a former competitive cheerleader. She reps the 201. There’s a lot going on here.

Source: WWE.com

Mainstream Mat: Peyton Royce
Yes, I’ll take the other NXT Aussie. Peyton Royce started out alongside Billie Kay on the independent scene Down Under, but here’s the twist. Royce was later trained by Lance Storm. She was doing the flower gimmick for a while, but I haven’t seen much of her much. Maybe she’ll return with a new approach and make me look like a genius.

Source: Heavy.com

Mad Mike: Mandy Rose
When in doubt, take the hot one. You may remember Mandy Rose as the girl that was supposed to win Tough Enough before the viewers turned on her and voted for the other girl to win. WWE still signed Mandy. She’s already appeared on NXT television, and she’s got a gig on “Total Divas”. There is definitely an “Eva Marie” vibe here, but the word out of Orlando is Mandy is actually taking to this wrestling thing. Could this actually work?

Source: WWE.com

Rizz: Daria Berenato
How do you beat the mother of all ass-kicking woman? You find yourself another ass kicker. Daria was also another contestant on the latest edition of “Tought Enough”. Her nickname is “The Jersey Devil”, and she has a mixed martial arts background that will hopefully give her the ability to back it up. She’s been with WWE for less than a year, but her style could be the perfect antidote to Asuka.

Admit it, you want to pick some random NXT developmental talent no one has ever heard of and wait months, perhaps years, for her to bring you victory in the NXT Womens’s Championship Pot Luck. We want you to play too. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “NXT Women’s Championship Pot Luck” and get your girl before someone else does!