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Some Wrestling Incite for the Afternoon…

Obviously, with my involvement in things like Wrestling Mayhem, I’m the sort of guy who just loves the aura around professional wrestling. The sort of fan that loves to absorb everything in front of, and behind the curtain of wrestling. Surfing around on my lunch today, I came across these:

I’ve yet to read Chris Jericho’s book, featured in this video. But it’s definitly on the long list (currently reading the fantastic Eddie Guerrero book, FYI). There are a few good nuggets in this preview about Jericho’s claim to have trained around the world in “frilly outfits”, and his bad experience with wearing masks to the ring. But the one item that caught my attention, as many have seen in my Twitter;

“If Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be writing wrestling shows…”

This struck me considering a comic I’ve read recently, which will be detailed shortly on this site.

Our second video is Brock Lesnar talking about his time back in the ring, reminding us that it isn’t a giant pillow they do this one, and the injuries that occur. His time working with Kurt Angle is also brought up.