Wrestling Mayhem Show 613: The Haunted Ovaries of Mae Young

This week’s episode is brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Occupy Pro Wrestling, and Indy Wrestling US.

It’s the last Tuesday before WrestleMania, which can only mean one thing…PATREON IN THE BANK!  And, it’s a full house for the occasion.  In addition to being joined by a special guest, Todd DeFazio of Idiot Radio, we’ve got Bobby, Billy F’n Johnson, Larry, Sorg, and Mad Mike talking about:

  • We attended RAW and Smackdown last week (which meant no live show on Podcast Day) so we’re running through our brief thoughts heading into WrestleMania.
  • We’re talking some NXT Takeover as we head into WrestleMania!
  • Is John Cena emoting the same feeling as being turned down at the high school dance or a kid throwing a tantrum? ARE WE SEEING A HEEL TURN ON THE HORIZON?
  • It’s astounding the number of WWE guys without contracts around WrestleMania time…
  • Anyone else notice The Miz’ post-baby glow?
  • Is there a WrestleMania match that’s booked that you can do without?
  • With all the matches booked for WrestleMania, we’re talking about which ones we see winding up as the main event.
  • More Brain Strowman please!
  • It’s officially MayhemMania time. Since it’s the last show before WrestleMania it’s time for Patreon in the Bank!
  • We are eliminating the hell out of Randy Orton in this segment of MayhemMania.
  • Apparently there’s not enough carnage on our MayhemMania card?
  • AJ may have just booked a MayhemMania match with a Hair vs Hair match of RAW v Smackdown women.
  • Matt has a MayhemMania list of cast-offs in a Cleveland cup. It seems so appropriate as our punishment options.
  • We’ve had so many changes to the MayhemMania card that we need to have a refresher halfway through to clarify what we’ve even booked.
  • Billy is using his god-like power as a Pizza Club Patreon supporter to blow this MayhemMania card up.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

Thanks to Tonio Garza (@TheWRevolution) for putting together graphics for MayhemMania.

Heading to WrestleMania?  If you see a Mayhemmer, say hi!  If that Mayhemmer’s Mad Mike, give him a chop and send us a pic or video clip.  We’ll include it on next week’s show!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 304: Pocket Rockets in Two Places

Hotwheelz, Rizz, Wrestlefan, Bobby, Chachi, and Sorg are joined by Rick Topping, guitarist for Basick Sickness, and provider of our intro theme to talk about all that’s happening in professional wrestling.  Tonight, we get squeezed for our views on indy wrestling, get a report from the final shows at the ECW Arena, talk about our impressions of WWE 12 now that more have had time with it, Chris Jericho’s worth, Evan Bourne’s recent supension, the new tag champs, and we start the Royal Rumble excitement with a Mad Mike countdown!

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