Our Favorite Matches Of The Pandemic Era

July 2021 is a big month for professional wrestling. WWE and AEW are returning to live touring. Impact Wrestling and Ring Of Honor are welcoming back live fans for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Somehow, professional wrestling survived more than a year of uncertainty, lockdowns and empty arenas.

The Wrestling Mayhem Show wanted to celebrate the wrestlers and the other creative minds who helped us get through the past year and a half. Here are some favorite matches of our hosts, guests and listeners from the “Pandemic Era” – the period of time that began in the middle of March 2020 and stretched into July 2021.

What is Setting All Elite Wrestling Apart?

IMG_5370I have been thinking a lot about the “big shows” and who they’re for lately, and even more since last night’s AEW here in Pittsburgh.  I feel like I can finally place them.  AEW may not do the wrestling that follows all the rules, or progress storytelling in the way we are used to or want from other products, but it feels like it’s aiming, and succeeding, at betting on two things: Fun and Excitement.

The live show never really had a down moment.  Not any more than your typical indy show, in format, at least.  We were not subjected to commercials and dance breaks like it felt like overruns you on a WWE Raw taping like Cleveland this week.

It’s like we take the “car crash” segment of the WCW Cruiserweights and made it almost the whole show.  This is a style that Young Bucks have made a career on and they are all betting on enough of us fans will go along for the ride.

And just fun.  Seeing the Orange Cassidy kid clip, and the antics after the bell last night, there are gags, bits, and we’re all let in on pro wrestling’s inside joke. We’re not meant to take this too seriously but come along for the ride if we’re All In.

Will it work in the long run as a weekly episodic series on TNT with traditional Pay Per Views?  We will have to see.  But if you’re not entertained by this, or don’t see the long time appeal, it’s probably just not for you.  And that’s ok.  Because you have more options today than ever before.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 632: WWE – Billions and Billions Swerved

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling US, Slice on Broadway, Occupy Pro Wrestling, and THRIFTY Podcast!

Joe Dombrowski makes the trek to the studio to join us for this week’s show.  He’s talking with Rizz, Mad Mike, and Sorg about:WMS 8.28.2018

  • We’re starting the top of the show off with some All In – WHICH IS THIS WEEKEND! (Finally).
  • This weekend is a giant nexus of amazing shows.
  • Joe is sharing some thoughts on Starrcast.
  • Cody Rhodes already sold part of the All In ring – to pay for the battle royal.
  • We’re taking a look at the rundown for All In.
  • Sorg was blinded by Kenny Omega and Pentagon.
  • Will AJ Lee show up for All In?
  • Is ROH still “independent” wrestling or have they been elevated to a “company?”
  • Blackcraft Wrestling debuted in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Our crew is sharing some thoughts.
  • Paige is a Hot Topic model?
  • OH: The coolest thing about a wrestling shirt is when it doesn’t look like a wrestling shirt.
  • OH: You can’t produce wrestling unless you understand it.
  • We’re getting a little bit of analysis going on – drawing some comparisons between Blackcraft Wrestling and Lucha Underground – as to how they could potentially work together.
  • This week’s Big Question: Who is best about keeping in character outside of the ring?
  • We’re learning that Frantik is trying to build a relationship with Rizz.
  • Dombrowski is sharing some words of wisdom for wrestlers regarding their social media personas.
  • If you watch some ROH, you may have seen Joe. We’re getting him to talk some sense into Mad Mike so he’ll watch the show!
  • WWE is the McDonalds of wrestling.
  • New Japan is All In! They will have the show available on the network after it airs live.
  • What did YOU learn from wrestling this week?

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Indy Mayhem Show 198: Lawless & Order

We’ve spoken with “The Gavel” David Lawless previously, but this time he’s got back-up!  That’s right, we’ve got the tag team of Lawless & Order on the sofa this week.  Since it’s Officer Dan’s first go-around, he’s sharing his first memories of wrestling and some of the basic background information we normally talk about with first-time guests.  And, then the conversation evolves to how this dynamic duo became a tag team, a moment with Ring of Honor, character development, what they’re up to in the tag team circuit, and more!

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Indy Mayhem Show 172: Katie Arquette

Katie Arquette joins the show to discuss her 6 month career including school with the Iron City Wrestling Academy, developing her character from her theater background, her upcoming cage match with Lufisto and more!

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Indy Mayhem Show 86: Dasher Hatfield

Dasher Hatfield - Indy Mayhem ShowDasher Hatfield joins the show to discuss the weekend’s Chikara King of Trios event, working with Inspire Pro Wrestling and more!

Eamon Paton (@eamon2please) of Inspire Pro Wrestling talks about working with Chakara at this weekend’s Battle Wars 2, we talk about the PWI 500 and indy stars, and supporting your favorite indy wrestling in the simplest way possible.

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Indy Mayhem Show 59: The Sounds of Wheelz

rwa pro wrestlingErin West is known to many of us as “Wheelz” on the Wrestling Mayhem Show, but also does the sound for the Renegade Wrestling Alliance. We discuss his most embarrassing moment in the ring, becoming involved despite his disability, and more.

Matt Carlins also joins us to discuss the Ring of Honor 13th Anniversary PPV, and the recent Kimber Lee video from Beyond Wrestling making the rounds online.

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Indy Mayhem Show 48: Moonshine Mantell

IMS-48---Moonshine-MartellThis week, Texas independent wrestling star Moonshine Mantell joins us to talk his start, training in the Kaientai Dojo in Japan under Taka Michinoku, the perils of getting beat up for a living and so much more.

Also, Sorg & Eamon talk NJPW World and the various events happening in independent wrestling around the country.

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Indy Mayhem Show 47: Daniel Hooven

IMS-47---Daniel-HoovenThis week, we talk with photographer Daniel Hooven!  Hooven has been bringing style to the International Wrestling Cartel as ringside photographer.  We discuss getting into wrestling and being along for the ECW ride in Philly, working with IWC and being a part of pushing the story in the ring, and so much more!

Last week, we lost one of our own in Jack Bolson.  Sorg discusses what we’ve lost in a great guy who gave a lot to the production of wrestling in Pittsburgh and appreciating what you have.

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 Indy Mayhem Show 47: Daniel Hooven

Indy Mayhem Show 38: Bryce Remsburg

IMS-38---Bryce RemsburgWrestling Renaissance man Bryce Remsburg joined us on Indy Mayhem show 38. Remsburg joined Eamon Paton (@eamon2please) and Mike Sorg(@sorgatron) to talk about:

  • His first memories of wrestling; including an event in Hershey.
  • A story about becoming a fan of independent wrestlers that lead him to train for Chikara.
  • How he decided to become a referee over being a professional wrestler.
  • How he recently has diversified his profile by getting into helping with promos, ticket sales, commentating and more.
  • Chikara’s  King of Trios show.
  • A collaboration with Chikara and Inspire Pro Wrestling.
  • The best and worst things in independent wrestling.

The guys also discuss International Wrestling Cartel‘s Saturday Night Fights from the weekend, the importance of storylines in independent wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, and more!