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Wrestling Mayhem Show 888: Den of Desire

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  • CM Punk’s return to WWE:
    • His return promo was lackluster and disappointing, not like his original return promo in Chicago
    • There is debate around whether he’s genuinely excited to be back or just there for the money
    • He could play a hypocritical heel character that gets called out
  • AEW Dynamite show in Pittsburgh:
    • Tournament format has been fun and entertaining
    • Lots of hometown wrestlers got spots and pops from the crowd (The Mane Event, Lee Moriarty, Lady Frost)
    • Explanation that injuries/illness changed up some planned matches
  • Learning about Marco Narciso
    • The improv nature of wrestling
    • His coaches at 880 Wrestling have been amazing teachers
  • Honey Darling’s horror movie podcast “Queens of NC 17”:
    • Reviews lesser known, crappy horror films and makes fun of them
    • Very raw, unedited show with no outline, lots of tangents and personal stories
    • Also does “Queens of Reality TV” podcast reviewing bad reality shows
  • Rhea Ripley’s autographed paper selling for $580 in WWE auction:
    • Sold for way more than Xavier Woods’ and Kofi Kingston’s autographs
    • She wrote “Mommy’s moisture” on it and licked the paper before signing

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