Mad Mike’s Farewell/Matt Hardy Song

Mad Mike Prepares you for The Monday Night War Volume 2: Electric Bugaloo

Mad Mike got hammered on Saturday night with five kamikazes and a fishbowl and saw a promo in NYC for TNA Impact, and well this is what happens.

Warning, this video, as always with Mad Mike, has explicit language and a decent impression

Drunk Mad Mike delivering a TNA Promo

Wrestling Mayhem Show 145: Mad Mike Mayhem

Mad Mike is straight from the Bronx to our studio, as we cover the upcoming “The Wrestler” film, WWE, TNA (gasp) our local indies, our sexuality what ifs, and what happened to the Pump Juice?! Find out inside this week’s edition of the Wrestling Mayhem Show!  And stay tuned to the end for a special holiday flashback!

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