Wrestling Mayhem Show 719: Ric Flair Has No Chill

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RWA and Prospect Pro Wrestling color commentator Tony Kincaid joins us to take a shot at discussing the wrestling world!

  • New Japan is back and Matt Carlins tells us about it
  • Did the tech details get in the way of the Greatest Match Ever with Edge and Randy Orton
  • We talk with Tony Kincaid about the Prospect Pro Wrestling Training Sessions
  • WWE shuts down production for positive COVID-19 tests
  • Big Question: Let’s save Indy Wrestling with new venues for the pandemic.
  • We discuss last week’s homework: Jeff Hardy vs. The Undertaker from WWE RAW Raw, July 1, 2002
  • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix WWE RAW April 14, 2008   Watch on WWE Network
  • What did you learn from pro wrestling this week?

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Indy Mayhem Show: Remembering Devil Bhudakahn

Referee Bobby Williams AKA Wrestler Robert Parker Williams talks about the Devil Bhudakahn book project and remembers some stories about the man who helped shape his wrestling and refereeing careers, announces his next project on JT Lightning and reflects on All Pro Wrestling, including a poop story regarding Sonny Landell, Joe Perry’s outlaw shows with Giant Eagle, and more stories from Pittsburgh and Cleveland wrestling over the years with surprise co-guest Glenn Spectre!

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Indy Mayhem Show: Expanding Skillsets in a Quarantine

This week members of the Prospect Pro Wrestling roster Chest Flexor, Professor Ryan Dye and Zack Rayne join us to talk bout creative distractions, Sasquatch Cornhole, trademark gimmick issues, the wonderful world of skiing, and taking being a heel too far.

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Indy Mayhem Show: At Least There’s Dungeons and Dragons

Keith Haught and Ronnie Starks are back in this week’s Quarantine Hangout as we chat about keeping sane, sneaking action figure hunting, Scott Pilgrim, Dungeons and Dragons, that first wrestling show back so much more in another loose hangout.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Quarantine Hangout

This week, our Quarantine Hangout returns as we welcome Calvin Couture, Ronnie Starks, BC Steele, and former NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Quinn Magnum to catch up and see how everyone is holding up. We talk about #WrestlerTwitterAfterDark, WWE talent exodus on Black Wednesday, creative new ventures in this quarantine and more!

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Indy Mayhem Show: Magnum CK’s Magnum’s Opus

Magnum CK returns to the show to talk about his newest documentary “Magnum’s Opus”. We talk about what he’s been up to since his in ring retirement at AIW, the transition from the “Marking Out” documentary equal to what this has become, and some fond memories of working with Papa Shango, and Victor Benjamin over that years.

You can find “Magnum’s Opus” on Youtube and Amazon Prime starting April 9!   Follow @themagnumck on Twitter for the latest!

Indy Mayhem Show: Still Stuck at Home

We are joined by Beastman, Tyler Klein, Justin Idol, and Ronnie Starks to talk about how they are keeping themselves occupied, original WrestleMania plans, Dungeons and Dragons, staying in shape, WWE’s Elias, calls to wrestlers and a cameo by Heel Bradley!

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Indy Mayhem Show: The Cancellation of Pro Wrestling

The Rev Ron Hunt, Zeke Mercer, and eventually Dean Radford and Jordan Styles join us to discuss how they responded as the cancellations rolled in during the ramp up of the COVID-19 response, what they are doing without wrestling, how Rockstar Pro is working with their trainees without access to facilities, and we see if Zeke can finally conduct a promo.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Gregory Iron the Podcaster

Gregory Iron returns to chat with us about his latest venture with the Iron-On Wrestling Podcast, his background in communications finally coming out, his experience on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast, wrestling in prisons, motivational speaking with Zach Gowen, and more!

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Fight Society Fighting Words Podcast: Shirley Doe

Shirley Doe has a frank conversation about his quarter century history in wrestling, starting in PWX, the Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling scene, advice from Mick Foley, Satanism, Great Muta, days in IWC, memories of wrestling in ECW Arena, his thoughts on Troy Lords and his behavior in Fight Society, and a special Dory Funk story.