Wrestling Mayhem Show 586: My Wife’s the Best Heel Ever

This week we’ve got a drastic night-and-day difference from last week, but it’s a great show with Shirley Doe joining us in studio. Between the amazing stories and his great personality, we could go on talking about wrestling all night. Thanks to Producer Missy for keeping the mayhem under control as much as she can this week as she’s wrangling Sorg, Rob, Mad Mike, Chad the Shad, and Larry as they talk about all the things in wrestling this week, including:WMS

  • We’ve been doing this for 586 nights? Wow.
  • If you haven’t seen the Mae Young Classic, shame on you! Your penance is to not listen to the show (yet).
  • Larry is sharing how his thoughts on the Mae Young Classic changed from Round 1 to Round 2.
  • We have some shared thoughts on the Mae Young Classic Round 1 matches.
  • Shirley Doe wrestled Lita? The things we learn on this show!
  • If you’re curious about where we are in the wrestling timeline, two words: Essa. Rios.
  • We found Rizz a new best friend!!!
  • You know you have the right crew of people when your conversation goes from video games to wrestling fluidly.
  • Shirley Doe is matchmaking this week.
  • Is Bianca Belair’s hair a foreign object?
  • Is WWE going to develop a Total Divas for the NXT roster? (We would totally watch it if they did.)
  • We’re talking some thoughts on who we want to see win the Mae Young Classic.
  • We’re talking some Four Horsewomen options.
  • The Ring of Honor championship “belt” is now a ring? (Or Nick Lendl got engaged to Cody Rhodes this week.)
  • Rings? Do we get Captain Planet or Green Lantern with this move in Ring of Honor?
  • We’re talking the various Royal Rumble betting options that are out there.
  • Looks like Larry has commented about a stupid hat. It’s only fitting he wear the Mayhem Dunce Cap.
  • This week’s Big Question: With the recent Sexy Star incident, how are they going to kill her off Lucha Underground?
  • We’re sharing some thoughts about things like Shane McMahon being in the ring. Should he even be there?
  • There’s no more Carmsworth?
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?
  • There should be no drive-thru where the champ eats.

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 567: Worst Husband Ever

Joe Dombrowski returns to the show to talk a little bit about his upcoming Welterweight show!  He is joined by our usual cast of characters, Sorg, Chad the Shad, Mad Mike, and Heel Larry for Wrestling Mayhem Show 567.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:WMS

  • Joe Dombrowski is sharing his Cleveland project the Welterweight Wrestling show for Indy Mayhem, but he’s giving highlights.
  • Larry is sharing his 3 Top Things in Wrestling this week!
  • Dear WWE, cutting to commercial in the middle of a match usually kills its momentum.
  • Joe is sharing his thoughts about WWE RAW and its polished finish as a TV production.
  • Thank you Xyzal owl ads during Hardy Boys matches. #FuckThatOwl
  • We’re talking about how big a thing wrestling is in the Middle East(ish) regions.
  • We’re digging the drifter sightings with Elias Samson.
  • We’re sharing our thoughts on the Superstar Shakeup and whether it’s been a good thing for the WWE products.
  • Midgets plus Alexa Bliss – we’re totally booking a new wrestling show.
  • The WWE RAW ring collapse was a thing. We have to talk about it, right?
  • Speaking of a ring collapse, Joe is sharing a fun tale of one of his shows.
  • It’s time for this week’s Big Question: What was the most memorable WWE RAW ending?
  • Reminiscing Episode 1 where we discussed the Edge and Lita Rated R Superstar live sex celebration segment.
  • We’ve got some great 205 Live discussion going.
  • We’ve got some updates from Friend of theShow DJ Z.
  • What did YOU learn in Wrestling this week?


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Mayhem Minute: Tough Enough Cast Announced

We take a look at the staff and new concept for Tough Enough.

Source: New ‘Tough Enough’ Details Revealed: Lita and Paige to Play Big Roles

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 406: The Shield BFFs

wrestling mayhem show 406 the shield bffs roman reigns sexyThis week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 406, we have our cast featuring DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Jim Shireman (@shireman) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)! On this weeks show:

  • We talk Lita being inducted into their Hall of Fame.  We also discuss who should induct her in the hall.
  • We discuss people in wrestling that we started out disliking then grew to like.
  • We talk moments that changed wrestling.
  • Remember When: We remember our favorite wrestling couples.
  • WWE commentators hating the fans.
  • The WWE Network!
  • We talk Shield VS. Wyatt Family.
  • We talk the end of RAW.
  • What we learned from wrestling this week.

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 293: Five Dollar Wrestling

RizzWrestlefan, Chachi, DJLunchbox, and Sorg are talking James Storm as TNA Champion, WWE Vengeance and the broken ring, ladies of wrestling are doing interesting things for Halloween, CM Punk and the clowns, and what do you show the girlfriend to introduce her to wrestling?

We also talk with Brandon Oliver of Texas’s River City Wrestling to talk about intergender and transgender wrestling, wrestling doing business, and much more!

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