Wrestling Mayhem Show 661: He Once Was A Boy

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We’re in a post-WrestleMania haze as Victor Benjamin and Lady Frost join us in studio to talk about their exploits.  The crew is otherwise discussing this week in wrestling news, including:

  • WrestleMania 35 happened. Our crew is sharing their thoughts.
  • If WrestleMania 35 was in New Jersey, why did they say it was in New York City?
  • Our guest Victor Benjamin got his WrestleMania moment.
  • Our guests Victor Benjamin and Lady Frost were involved with some WrestleMania events. They’re sharing some of it with us.
  • Lady Frost and Victor Benjamin got to spend some quality time with Uncle Mick (Foley).
  • We’re learning there’s such a thing as Pancakes and Piledrivers!
  • This week’s Big Question: What was your standout WrestleMania moment from the weekend?
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Indy Mayhem Show 173: RC Dupree

We’ve got Part Deux of our apparent Team Storm series with this week’s guest.  RC Dupree joins us to talk about a host of things including growing up watching kings from all over the world coming to fight Hulk Hogan, being told by an indy promoter that he’d be a good referee – and using it as fuel for his drive to become a wrestler.  He also talks about his time at the Storm Wrestling Academy, and how it helped launch a storybook career where he’s found himself in the ring with the likes of wrestling legends Mick Foley and Ryback,  and more!

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Raw Wrap Up 3/20/17: Road To Wrestlemania Remix

Mad Mike and Sorg talk about this week’s Raw! We talk about Mick Foley being fired, the awesome match between Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho introducing us to the “real” Kevin Owens, and Braun Strowman going one on one with Roman Reigns.


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WWE Raw Wrap Up 3/13/17: Jinder Hinderance

Sorg and Mad Mike talk about Raw as we are on the Road to Wrestlemania. We have Mick Foley being told to fire someone by Stephanie McMahon, Nia Jax wants a part of Wrestlemania, Austin Aries makes his Raw debut, and Paul Heyman talks about Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg.




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Wrestling Mayhem Show 560: Beta Bellas

We’ve got a couch (both in studio and on the internets) full of our WMS stable, including Mad Mike, Tonio Garza, Bobby F J-Town, Sorg, Dudders, Rizz, and Mainstream Matt for Wrestling Mayhem Show 560.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:

  • We’re running our pre-show shenanigans following Smackdown Live.
  • WWE has (yet another) PPV this weekend.
  • We’re excited about Jack Gallagher v Neville.
  • What’s happening with the Universal Title? NOTE: It’s making Mad Mike cry.
  • We’ve got some calls for a Sasha Banks turn for Wrestlemania. Fans are sharing their thoughts.
  • Will Finn Balor return for Fastlane?
  • There was some news about the TNA restructure. We’re discussing some of the big news.
  • We’re talking Reby Hardy’s response to the TNA changes.
  • We love seeing our Mayhem Mania bookings come to real life through WWE segments.
  • Mad Mike is calling it now – John Cena will propose. We will have a remake of Match Made In Heaven.
  • What is going on with Mick Foley?
  • Mad Mike is starting his Free Zema campaign this week.
  • Mad Mike has a secret project he’s sharing this week.
  • It’s time for the Big Question: How would you write off the Hardys from TNA?
  • It’s Mayhem Mania time with Mainstream Matt.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 551: What’s in the (Christmas) Box?!?!


We’ve got a full house for Wrestling Mayhem Show 551! It’s the end of the year – which means it’s time to revisit whether last year’s predictions held up. We’re making our bold predictions for 2017, and we’re sharing our Secret Sorg exchanges!

- We’re covering the WMS Secret Sorg gift exchange during this week’s show. Sorg is drinking. Merry Christmas
– Matt started something on the internet with his wrestler of the year poll, including a heated discussion about Matt Hardy.

-WMS picks for wrestler of the year are revealed!
— LB – Johnny Mundo
— Rizz – Matt Hardy
— Wheelz – Sasha and Charlotte
— Sorg – Charlotte
— Bobby – Asuka and Chris Jericho
— Jen – Kevin Owens
— Matt – Young Bucks

- DJ Lunchbox already forgot what he just learned about wrestling during this discussion.

- It’s prediction shaming time!
– Biggest prediction upset = Matt’s prediction that Donald Trump would appear on RAW.
– We found that some of our predictions from last year were correct! Maybe this year’s predictions will be better.

- Our 2017 predictions – both for professional wrestling AND WMS!
— Jen:
— Braun Strohman’s going to win the Royal Rumble and the Shield will reunite again.
— WMS will still be going strong.

– Matt:
— WMS will add a new sponsor in addition to Slice on Broadway.
— Matt Hardy will leave TNA.

– Sorg:
— Matt Hardy/Hardys will be offered their own show outside of TNA at the Hardy compound.
— WMS will leave Sorg’s basement.

– Bobby:
— WMS Superfeed will get new shows.
— Asuka is going to be a women’s champion on the main roster – undefeated.

– Rizz:
— Neither Daniel Bryan or Mick Foley will last a year.
— You’ll see more WMS merch around an indy promotion near you. WMS Indy Tour.

– Wheelz:
— John Cena will hit his 16th World Title win.
— Wheelz will make his onscreen debut on WMS – LIVE.

– LB:
— WWE will hand it over to the kids – Vince and Linda walk away for political pursuits.
— Sorg is going to revamp the show, change the format top to bottom and it will be WMS 2.0 (corrected to 5.0)

- Thanks to Rizz for organizing Secret Sorg. We’re sharing what we got!
– It’s Christmas. Of course Sorg brought holiday Pocky back from his trip with Chest Flexor to Thailand.
– We’re wrapping up the show with what we learned.

- A special stop-in by Wild Child Lee Ryans in prep for the Indy Mayhem Show with the STDs.

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WWE RAW Wrap Up 9/5/16: Champion of the Universe

WWE RAW discussions with the crew with Kevin Owens being the champion of the UNIVERSE, and our hearts, a passionate Seth Rollins, Mick Foley, and Stephanie McMahon, the New Day and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson mess, Sasha Banks does a nice retirement speech, Bo Dallas, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, and more.


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WWE RAW Wrap Up 7/18/16: Not My Draft Choice

Sorg, Mad Mike, and Eamon Paton (Inspire Pro Wrestling) talk WWE RAW before the WWE Draft and the first Smackdown Live!  What does the crew think of Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley being announced as General Managers and the announcement of the Cruiserweight Division returning? What of the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose championship match that ended in questions?  All this and more!



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WWE RAW Wrap Up 10/20/14

Tonight, Michael Sorg (@sorgatron), BobbyFJTown (@BobbyFJTown) and Mad Mike (@madmike4883), talk all that’s fit to talk about on WWE RAW.

We look at this RAW as a go home for Hell in a Cell.  How are we doing with no WWE Champion in sight.  Why is there nothing significant with our mid-level champions under the Intercontinental and US Championship?  We discuss the soldier “fan run in” with Rusev and Big Show, and the Mick Foley segment with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins brings validity to their Hell in a Cell match.  But are there too many threads going into the PPV?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 273: That cookie has nuts in it..

Mad Mike, Chachi,, WrestleFan, Hotwheelz, and Sorg are joined by the Prime Minister of Perversion Jimmy Demarco to talk about what he’s been up to since his retirement from wrestling and answers scores of fan questions.

Then we take on what’s the latest with TNA wrestling, and the ups and downs of that show, why R-Truth is the greatest thing going, Mick Foley’s departure, Tough Enough’s finale, and much, more!

This is Episode 273 for Tuesday, June 6, 2011. You can get the episode here on TalkshoeBlip.tvsubscribe to the audio or video versions on iTunes, look us up on YoutubeRoku, or Boxee, and as always, stay tuned to www.wrestlingmayhemshow.com for the latest! The Wrestling Mayhem Show is recorded live and can be heard/viewed from 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern on live.sorgatronmedia.com. Let us know what you think of the show, and your thoughts on the wrestling world by emailing us at [email protected]!

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