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Wrestling Mayhem Show 551: What’s in the (Christmas) Box?!?!


We’ve got a full house for Wrestling Mayhem Show 551! It’s the end of the year – which means it’s time to revisit whether last year’s predictions held up. We’re making our bold predictions for 2017, and we’re sharing our Secret Sorg exchanges!

– We’re covering the WMS Secret Sorg gift exchange during this week’s show. Sorg is drinking. Merry Christmas
– Matt started something on the internet with his wrestler of the year poll, including a heated discussion about Matt Hardy.

-WMS picks for wrestler of the year are revealed!
— LB – Johnny Mundo
— Rizz – Matt Hardy
— Wheelz – Sasha and Charlotte
— Sorg – Charlotte
— Bobby – Asuka and Chris Jericho
— Jen – Kevin Owens
— Matt – Young Bucks

– DJ Lunchbox already forgot what he just learned about wrestling during this discussion.

– It’s prediction shaming time!
– Biggest prediction upset = Matt’s prediction that Donald Trump would appear on RAW.
– We found that some of our predictions from last year were correct! Maybe this year’s predictions will be better.

– Our 2017 predictions – both for professional wrestling AND WMS!
— Jen:
— Braun Strohman’s going to win the Royal Rumble and the Shield will reunite again.
— WMS will still be going strong.

— Matt:
— WMS will add a new sponsor in addition to Slice on Broadway.
— Matt Hardy will leave TNA.

— Sorg:
— Matt Hardy/Hardys will be offered their own show outside of TNA at the Hardy compound.
— WMS will leave Sorg’s basement.

— Bobby:
— WMS Superfeed will get new shows.
— Asuka is going to be a women’s champion on the main roster – undefeated.

— Rizz:
— Neither Daniel Bryan or Mick Foley will last a year.
— You’ll see more WMS merch around an indy promotion near you. WMS Indy Tour.

— Wheelz:
— John Cena will hit his 16th World Title win.
— Wheelz will make his onscreen debut on WMS – LIVE.

— LB:
— WWE will hand it over to the kids – Vince and Linda walk away for political pursuits.
— Sorg is going to revamp the show, change the format top to bottom and it will be WMS 2.0 (corrected to 5.0)

– Thanks to Rizz for organizing Secret Sorg. We’re sharing what we got!
– It’s Christmas. Of course Sorg brought holiday Pocky back from his trip with Chest Flexor to Thailand.
– We’re wrapping up the show with what we learned.

– A special stop-in by Wild Child Lee Ryans in prep for the Indy Mayhem Show with the STDs.

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