Wrestling Mayhem Show 649: Lurking Lars

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We’ve got a full couch this week as Joe Dombrowski, Rizz, and Larry join Sorg in studio with Mad Mike tuning in through that magical thing called the internet.  There are lots of things to talk about this week, like:

  • We’re seeing some new faces on WWE main shows.
  • Rizz is making some predictions about where we may see things headed with WWE now that we’ve seen some call-ups.
  • Joe is sharing his thoughts about the WWE main roster call-ups.
  • Is WWE making assumptions that main roster fans are already familiar with NXT talent when they do call-ups?
  • The women’s tag team titles announcement had an interesting reveal since it’s a unified title across brands and not separate titles for each brand.
  • We’re taking a bit of a deep-dive into the women’s wrestling changes that are happening.
  • We’re talking some NXT UK Takeover Blackpool!
  • Apparently the UK audience addresses wrestling a little differently than US audiences. (What’s with the shoes?)
  • Joe is sharing some of his UK insights with us.
  • Sooo…Walter made his WWE debut.
  • Is WWE taking a page from history and creating their own territories? Instead of competitive markets, they’ll be cooperative?
  • This week’s Big Question: What region would you like to see WWE expand to next?
  • The WWE Performance Center has a YouTube channel, and they release some pretty cool stuff – like the Ray Rowe and Sarah Logan wedding video!
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Indy Mayhem Show 154: Jinx

Jinx is an International Wrestling Cartel rookie, making her debut this year at Proving Ground.  We talk with her about  being a closet wrestling fan watching shows via YouTube and the internet, pole dance fitness, making the transition from dancer and gymnastics to the wrestling ring – including how she found the IWC wrestling school by dumb luck, and training with Chris LeRusso.

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