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Get Your Mayhem Video Your Way

For our four years since starting the Wrestling Mayhem Show 4 years ago, we have always experimented with the live experience, and the best way to deliver our audio show via Talkshoe and iTunes, as well as our live experience on BlogTV and Ustream.   Lately, we’ve started to endeavor to deliver the show in plenty more ways, including video.  Thanks to the industrious folks at Blip.tv, we have been working with their system to discover how to get a video feed to our listeners, and new viewers, alike.

One of the biggest stories is that the Wrestling Mayhem Show has been accepted to be seen on both Roku and Boxee!  For those not familiar, both services are looking to offer set top boxes for your television sets where you can watch Netflix streaming, Revision3, This Week in Tech, and now…the Wrestling Mayhem Show.  Those without these boxes (Boxee is set to release this year), can also download the Boxee client for their PC, Mac, or Linux, for personal use, or for your Media Center setup.

You can also now see the new video episodes on Sorgatron’s personal YouTube page.  We are working on getting a dedicated channel for WMS, but we are using this for now due to the access to large, long files it has.  Subscribe to this channel for all things Sorgatron!

You can also see our show on blip.tv, and now, iTunes.  We announced these last week, but due to some technical limitations, we had to delay the true roll out.  Finally, the process has been worked out and you can subscribe to our video feed for all of the video freshness!  We will continue to deliver all of the Should I Wrestle That and other WMS content to this feed as well, and maybe in the future, exclusive video content.

Notice: Currently, all of the video we are posting is the Ustream capture of our live broadcast, but in the coming weeks, we plan to move to a local recording system that will give us much more control and much better quality and size control for you iTunes downloaders for now.