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The Incredibly Strange World of Wrestling

With our last weekend of Chikara action, we started thinking about other wrestling promotions that sort of stuck out with something different, and found some interesting results.

Incredibly Strange Wrestling. This was something I had the chance to experience first hand around the time of Warped Tour 2002.  An interesting collection of odd characters and a crowd that was handed out tortillas before the show commenced, it was one of my earliest live wrestling encounters, which maybe included one JCW hardcore show at the Gathering, and a WWE house show.

Lucha VavoomLucha Vavoom This was a surprise.  But we found this on the list of events coming to Philly in the next couple of weeks and dug deeper.  It appears to be a promotion that “mixes traditional lucha libre with live burlesque”  Masked wrestling plus exposed ta-tas?  Sounds good to me, Mayhemers.  Plus, there are shots of a black light match that looks interesting on their web site…

See that guy on the right?  He was one of the highlights of Chikara’s King of Trios.

So what peculiar wrestling have you seen out there?