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WMS 202 Preview: Gargano and DR Appreciation

Tune in Tuesday, January 19 for what promises to be a great Wrestling Mayhem Show! First of all, we welcome a new interviewee to the show, Johnny Gargano. Affectionately refereed to on the show as “Johnny Bananas”,” Johnny Flag-Pants”, amongst other things on the show. We expect to discuss his upcoming PWO Championship defense against Bobby Beverly, and a Super Indy Qualifyer against Jason Gory at IWC Kickoff.

Submit your questions for Johnny Gargano to [email protected], or participate live in the chat room on Ustream!

For those curious about what’s in store for the Mayhem, check out the first episode of Johnny Gargano’s Power Hour…

Secondly, we will be have a very special celebration with Doc Remedy Appreciation Night to celebrate his birthday next week!  For longtime listeners, please feel free to write or call in with your favorite Doc Remedy moments on WMS for the last four years, things you want him to wrestle, or whatever other messages you want to leave for Doc Remedy at [email protected] or 412-206-WMS0 (412-206-9670)!