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Wrestlefan’s Review: ACW Guilty By Association 6

This past weekend, I ventured once again into the world of Texas independent wrestling as I attended Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, Guilty By Association 6. Not only is this their biggest show of the year, but also the celebration of their 5th year anniversary. It is safe to say that it was a big night for Anarchy Championship Wrestling, and it is also safe to say that they delivered not only a great show, but also one of the best wrestling shows that I have ever attended.

Match 1: Darin Childs/Khris Wolfe/Donnie Davis/Gregory James vs. Shawn Vexx/The Lost Boys/Jeff Gant/Killah Kash in an Elimination Match

Shawn Vexx announced that he recruited Killah Kash to join his team in the elimination match, making it 4 on 5. “Too Much Metal” Gregory James, who is in his rookie year in ACW, was very impressive in this matchup, showing a lot of technical skill and scoring eliminations on Jeff Gant and both the Lost Boys. After the elimination of Khris Wolfe, with his majestic beard may I add, it came down to Vexx and Kash against Childs. When it looked as if all was lost, Childs turned the tables and brought out the return of the demonic Junior Garza, to attack Kash and Vexx. Darin Childs then picked up the win by finally eliminating Shawn Vexx.

Match 2: Team Sex (Highroller Hayze and Johnny Axxle) with Chris Trew vs. Just Willie and Sabre Cat vs. The Hired Guns (Aiden Colt and Omega)

Chris Trew, who is a local comedian/homeless person, turned manager, started by saying his group “The Business” would dominate tonight and we would see a new member join the group. The one thing that will imprint this match in my mind was the astonishing tight ropewalk moonsault by the 270-pound Just Willie. Absolutely amazing is the only way it can be described. Team Sex would later win, last eliminating The Hired Guns, and then prompting The Takeover to emerge and attack The Hired Guns.

Match 3: Jaykus Plisken vs. JT Lamotta

After Plisken, the leader of The Takeover, put the crowd and the wrestlers on notice, JT Lamotta started the match by attacking Plisken in a match between two heels. These two heavyweights battled in a very hard-hitting contest with many near falls. It ended with Plisken nailing his double knee power bomb and sealing it with a pin. After The Takeover went to the back, JT Lamotta mentioned how he has been losing over the past months and has gotten discouraged. He then shocked the crowd by announcing that by December 2012, he will be retiring from pro wrestling.

Match 4: Joshi Title: Athena vs. Lillie Mae vs. Angel Blue

It is safe to say that ACW has some of the best female wrestling, not only in the South but in the world. Womens wrestling in America has been considered extremely watered down and vanilla. However, these three ladies proved the exact opposite in this intense match. All three showed innovative stuff. However, the stand out in my opinion in this match was Athena. Already getting matches in Shimmer, Athena is slowly becoming one of the fastest rising female talents in the US, and it is easy to see why. After Lillie Mae was eliminated by Athena’s top rope jump into a stunner, Angel and Athena continued the intensity, even bringing steel chairs into the mix. In the end, with a little help with powder to the eyes, Angel Blue pinned Athena, capturing her first American Joshi title.

Match 5: The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico) vs. Bolt Brady and Ricky Romida

After the first two shows I have been to, it is safe to say that the Submission Squad are some of the greatest heels in ACW, if not Texas. They truly know how to provoke the crowd, yet people love to hate them. After a highly back and forth contest, Bolt and Ricky pick up the upset, moving them further up in the tag team ranks.

Match 6: Career vs. Hair vs. U-30 Title: Berry Breeze with Chris Trew vs. JC Bravo vs. Chingo Del Santos

Three members of the now defunct Smurf Nation competed in this match, which each participant putting something on the line. Overall the match was extremely competitive, with a lot going on, including the fan next to me putting Chris Trew in a headlock with his drink in his other hand. Talk about awkward. Chingo was eliminated after Berry Breeze drove him into chairs on the outside. Chris Trew interfered and attacked JC Bravo until Bravo turned the tables and absolutely destroyed Trew and his nether region. Bravo would then pick up the win, saving his hair and winning the U-30 title. Berry Breeze then thanked the fans for supporting him throughout his career, and then invited his girlfriend in the ring, got on one knee and proposed. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Match 7: Portia Perez vs. Robert Evans

If you have not seen the almost yearlong build up to this one match, you must check it out. The disastrous love story of Portia Perez and Robert Evans finally came to ahead. I was thoroughly surprised at how the crowd was split between Perez and Evans, due to the fact that Portia is one of the top heels in the company. While I did boo Portia throughout this match, I must say that she was truly able to hold her own with Evans. At some points, it did not even seem like an intergender match, but two wrestlers fighting it out for revenge. At one point, Portia clears the entire stage area and begins to dump chair upon chair on top of Evans. After many near falls and close calls, Evans finished Portia off with his Reverse Styles Clash finisher to get the win. The crowd gave both a standing ovation as a sign of respect to both competitors.

At this point, intermission began, where I got to speak to the Heavyweight Champion ACH over by the merch booth. Not only is he an amazing wrestler, who dazzles fans with his skills in the ring, he has one of the greatest personalities in the entire independent scene. I can see ACH truly making a name for himself in the coming year. I bought one of his posters with his own written poetry that he was selling and it is currently hanging above my desk in my dorm room.

Match 8: Anarchy Televised Title: Scot Summers vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Mat Fitchett vs. Davey Vega

This was a match comprised of all fan favorites and was highly competitive. Shockingly, Awesome Andy interfered to attack Summers and Aiden Colt attacked Jerry Lynn causing both competitors to be eliminated. It then came down to Vega and Fitchett, two men who had extensive knowledge of each other both in singles and tag team action. The highly competitive match ended with Vega hitting a Kryptonite Krunch maneuver, dropping Fitchett’s head on the turnbuckle, winning the Televised Title.

Match 9: World Hardcore Title Scaffold Match: Masada vs. Matthew Palmer

This match was absolute sheer insanity that a description cannot do complete justice. Below is footage from the matchup, I encourage people to buy the DVD in order to watch the complete match, but this is a short snippet that fairly depicts some of the violence.

Match 10: #1 Contender Match for the American Joshi Title: Rachel Summerlyn with Machiko vs. Jessica James

The two members of the wildly popular “Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team” collided to try to find a #1 contender for the American Joshi title. What started as a respectful and even exchange of wrestling skill turned into a shouting match from the two, with Jessica James insinuating that her friend was holding back on her. Jessica proclaimed that she was not Rachel’s sidekick and continued to deliver innovative offense, with Rachel using her power to her advantage. In the end, Rachel picked up the win against her best friend with a pin reversal. In a sign of respect for each other, the two shook hands and hugged, seemingly amending their problems. Then, everything turned. Jessica began to clutch her stomach in pain, denying any help from Rachel. As Rachel tried to help her up, no longer Jessica, but Jessica’s devilish alter ego from her past, Lady Poison, clutched Rachel by the throat. Lady Poison then spewed her deadly green “Poison Kiss” into both Rachel and Machiko. The beloved Jessica James has transformed into Poison, and it is unsure when she will return.

Main Event: ACW Heavyweight Title: ACH vs. Gary Jay with his mother

Gary Jay was accompanied to the ring by his very questionable mother, who I proceeded to give a dollar for a little turn around; a dollar which Gary Jay gladly accepted. ACH and Gary Jay put on an amazing showing in the main event, which ACH finally reaching a career high. As ACH picked up the win after tapping Jay out, he grabbed the mic to thank the fans and held up the Anarchy Heavyweight title as a trophy, not just for him but also for the fans. Former friend Shawn Vexx came out with his crew in the Children Of Pain presumably to congratulate ACH. However, Vexx and his men attacked ACH as Vexx made clear that he wanted the Heavyweight title he once held.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling truly knows how to put the best wrestling talent and entertainers together and creates a great wrestling product. Guilty By Association 6 was no different. I encourage everyone in the state of Texas, if not the US to go to an ACW show and have your perception of wrestling change. For more information on ACW, you can visit www.anarchychampionshipwrestling.com and buy their DVDs on www.smartmarkvideo.com

This is Wrestlefan, the host of Wrestling Mayhem Show’s “This Week in Indy Wrestling”, signing out.

Photos courtesy of www.texasanarchy.com