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Wrestling Mayhem Show 538: MACHKA Something

  • We preview WWE Clash of Champions
    • Seth Rollins is full on face.  Kevin Owens still doesn’t care
    • What would it take for The New Day to drop the tag team belts?
    • Chris Jericho is amazing
    • Dana Brooke is the unsung hero of the women’s division
    • Roman Reigns for WWE US Champion or bust!
  • Our impressions on the introduction of the Cruiserweight division on WWE RAW.  Seeing Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann on the big stage was great!  But why did Brian Kenrick get the win?
  • Big Question: Who is your favorite classic Cruiserweight wrestler?
  • Ring of Honor returned to Pittsburgh last week.  And Sorg may return to watching their television show again.
  • TNA is supposedly up for purchase.  Why WWE should purchase them for WWE Network and more.
  • We learned things in wrestling this week!

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