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Wrestling Mayhem Show 695: A Very Good Guys Christmas

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling USSlice on BroadwaySidekick Media Services, and Pittsburgh Wrestling

The Good Guys are here for the Christmas Special!

  • We catch up with The Good Guys
  • Mad Mike shares some wrestling holiday tunes
  • We look back at our 2019 pro wrestling predictions
  • Big Question: Who had the best 2019
  • We give predictions for 2019 for pro wrestling, The Good Guys, and WMS
    • Noctus
      • Marty Scurll will bump NWA to 750k a week in youtube views.
      • Scurll to AEW before summer
      • Scurll feuds against elite for not taking him
    • Zak Hunter
      • Marty will win NWA title for a short time
      • Adam Page will win AEW title (maybe Omega)
    • Riz
      • ROH is done. Bought by NWA.
      • Jim Ross leaves AEW
    • Mad mike
      • Cody will win AEW title
      • Friend of the show will win wwe singles title
      • WWe inter gender match on ppv. Maybe Becky vs Seth
      • 2 women fighting for Impact World title
      • Good guys will wrestle in ROH
    • Sorg
      • Impact will be a solid #3
      • WWE will pull an ECW on ROH and buy them
    • Ronnie Starks
      • The Mane Event signed by WWE
      • Year for pittsburgh indy guys getting looks
      • Lee goes to new japan
    • Podnar
      • AEW will beatNXT for three week stretch
    • Bobby
      • Gronk will debut in NXT
    • Tina Keys
      • Another WWE Performance Center will be open
      • 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen will happen by SummerSlam,
      • AEW will hit 1.5-1.75 million viewers by year’s end
  • Noctus wants to hear who in Pittsburgh Wrestling should have a great 2020
  • We laugh.  We cry.  Zak may end up not hating Mad Mike.

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