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Wrestling Mayhem Show 913: This Show is Not About Beastman

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NXT Battleground at UFC APEX:

  • Discussed the unique venue of UFC APEX in Las Vegas for NXT Battleground.
  • Compared the intimate setting to independent gymnasiums or black box theaters.
  • Talked about the potential for more experimental venues for NXT in the future.
  • UFC and WWE Crossover:
    • Debate on the balance between UFC and WWE keeping their unique identities while experimenting with cross-promotions.
    • Highlighted the importance of maintaining distinctiveness in presentation and audience perception.
  • Jordan Grace in TNA:
    • Jordan Grace’s move from NXT to TNA and the implications for TNA Plus.
    • Concerns about TNA’s subscription model changes.
  • Independent Wrestling Shows:
    • Detailed previews of upcoming local wrestling events:
      • Prospect Pro Wrestling’s “Pay Your Respects” featuring a triple threat for the Top Prospect Championship.
      • RWA’s event featuring Ryan Edmonds replacing Ethan Page.
      • Mention of Lady Frost’s recent match against Tony Storm and her career highlights.
  • Beastman vs. Eli:
    • Tony Kincaid’s insights into Beastman’s upcoming match for the No Limits title.
    • Discussion about Beastman’s unique character and Tony’s role as his handler.
  • Production Challenges in Indie Wrestling:
    • In-depth look at the logistical and communication challenges in producing live wrestling events.
    • Personal anecdotes from Sorgatron and Tony about their experiences in production and event management.
  • Enjoy Wrestling’s Upcoming Event:
    • Excitement for Enjoy Wrestling’s return to Stage AE with a new championship match due to Edith Surreal’s injury.
    • Discussion about the vacated Enjoy Championship and potential contenders.
  • Slice on Broadway and Local Support:
    • Shout-out to local sponsor Slice on Broadway and their support for the show and community.

What We Learned Segment:

  • Tony Kincaid:
    • Learned about the high demand for the TNA Knockouts title and potential crossover opportunities for various wrestling titles.
    • Expressed desire to see Drew McIntyre and Joe Hendry reignite their rivalry.
  • Sorgatron:
    • Learned about the dangers of earrings in wrestling, referencing Jordan Grace’s recent in-ring injury.
    • Praised the professionalism of Jordan Grace and Roxanne Perez for continuing their match despite the injury.

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