It is a lot of time and effort for something that is almost surely being done because those involved love wrestling. No one’s getting rich. No one’s getting famous…WEI Rating: + 1
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IMG_0855The original “Mayhem Show” started several years ago as a streaming online radio show. It mainly consisted of DJ Sorg bullshitting about RAW that night, reading news, and playing underground music. This show bounced around radio servers (Toxic, PAJ, etc) and found a home on Shoutcast server, winamp, and a home computer, capable of a grand total of 15 listeners).

Wrestling Mayhem Show was started, as a podcast, on January 10, 2006, when DJ Sorg asked new friend, Lunchbox, to come over and talk wrestling on his radio. Week after week, more people joined the conversation, growing the show. The months have gone by. The crew has grown. As have the numbers of listeners. From England to Cairo, Egypt. They’re out there.

In November 2006, Wrestling Mayhem Show participated in Podcamp Pittsburgh. We presented a panel discussion about our experience building the WMS community, and shot the Podcamp Mayhem Show, showcasing the people and experience of Podcamp. We received a reward, officially, for our audio recap of the show when we took over the Missfit Advice Hour for a night to discuss the weekend.

Wrestling Mayhem Show Live!2007 was started with bigger in interviews, in names such as Larry Sweeney, Eric Young, and Brent Albright. We were greeted by two visits by fans, one from New York City, and the other from London, England. We also presented, to much praise, at both Bootcamp Pittsburgh and Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 (this time, with our fellow podcasters from

2008 brought visits by fan-becoming-member Mad Mike from the Bronx.  More frequent appearances from chat room favorite V.Ron, and Mayhem Missy joining the crew on the couch.  And more and more, BlogTV became the home for the live video feed during the show every Tuesday.  Interviews include more in studio guests, including Jimmy Demarco, Viki Gambino, Sexual Harassment, Super Hentai, Shiima Xion, and Michael Facade.  Big phone interviews include Shawn Daivari, and Toa and Zen of NBC’s American Gladiators.

The years have been kind.  Growing our numbers, participants, and upgrading with the times.  We’ve spoken to everyone from Jimmy Snuka to Kurt Angle and had a blast along the way and not stopping any day soon…


Alias: Sorgatron
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Social Media:
 All found at
Who is your favorite wrestler: Young me: Hulk Hogan.  Now: How do I pick and in how many categories?  Jericho.  Punk.  Angle (in his prime) all have special moments in my heart.
What is your favorite moment/memory of wrestling:   My first WrestleMania in New Jersey.
What hooked you on wrestling:  It’s so much bigger than life.  I accept it’s place as my “male soap opera”Favorite local wrestling:  IWC.  We came for the names.  Stayed for the talent and great show every month.  Now proud to be doing DVDs under Sorgatron Media for them.
Involvement in wrestling: Filmed with Digital Horizons since 2007 for IWC, RWA, and other shows.   Some time helping with the Prime Wresting television in Cleveland, OH, shooting, editing, and distribution on documentaries like Montreal Theory.Favorite show moment: Stoke Monkey meets Papuga

DJ LunchboxAliases: Lunchbox, DjLunchbox, Papa Lunchbox,, Gregory Peck
Location: Deep below the convergence of the Three Rivers in the Underground Underwater base of former Mayor of Pittsburgh, Sophie Masloff
Social media: Twitter: @ThePapaLunchbox Http://
Time with the show: How many years have we been doing it now?Who is your favorite wrestler: 

  1. Bret Hart
  2. C.M. Punk
  3. Sabu
  4. Samoa Joe
  5. Edge

What is your favorite moment/memory of wrestling: Every  +Saturday morning watching WWF Superstars, which transitioned into watching PPVs at an under-lit, smelly bar with my Pap Pap, which led directly into every  +Mondaynight watching RAW.

What hooked you on wrestling: Over the top men and women doing things I’ve always dreamed of. They were my action figures come to life.

Favorite local wrestling: IWC. I was never really into indy wrestling, aside from some low quality ROH stuff that I found on LimeWire or wherever, when Sorgatron told me about this local group. Long story short, I was hooked. I have never, in my memory, been to an IWC show that let me down in any way.

Involvement in wrestling: I’ve been part of the Wrestling Mayhem Show for years now and I may or may not have done stupid things in someones yard. Those things may or may not have involved kendo sticks, metal chairs and, in my final match, thumb tacks. I may or may not still miss it every day.

In person memory:
 I was at RAW when ECW invaded right before the first One Night Stand PPV. Sabu came through the crowd, beat the fuck out of John Cena with a chair, and I screamed ECW over and over again until I almost passed out. It was my first live RAW.

How did you get involved in WMS: Sorg and myself would often get blind stinking drunk and talk about wrestling for hours while parties raged around us. Sorg made mention that he was doing a live cast thing where he talked about RAW and the like. One thing led to another and here we are, years later, still at it.

Favorite show moment:
 The Saga of Stoke Monkey, Christmases where I drink an entire bottle of wine, shout into the microphone and molest Rizz, and almost anything involving Ultimate X The Owl. I loved cramming as many of us as we could into Sorgs small 3rd floor office, sweating and yelling and laughing. Testing energy drinks and being awake for 2 or 3 days straight after. Falling asleep on the nasty futon mid show because I was sick and thought I could play through the NyQuill. Filming short videos with iJustine. Everyone hanging out on Sorgs back porch, all of us hammered on vodka and rum, and beating the shit out of each other with chairs. Chops. Vimal, visiting from the UK and often having a “What have I gotten myself into” look on his face. The revolving cast of characters that we have had over the years. All the voices and opinions weighing in on the one thing that we all love so dearly. Wrestling.

Eamon PatonAliases: Wrestlefan
Location: San Antonio, TX
Social Media: @Eamon2Please
Who is your favorite wrestler?: Currently Daniel Bryan. If you ask anyone on the show, anyone who’s wrestled in an armory.
What is your favorite moment/memory of wrestling?: The 4 Team ladder match from Raw in 2002. It was right when I started getting into wrestling and it may have been what kept me.
What hooked you on wrestling?: The combination of drama mixed with athleticism.
Favorite local wrestling?: Inspire Pro Wrestling in Austin, Texas (Plug Plug Plug), Anarchy Championship Wrestling in Austin, Texas
Involvement in wrestling?: Play By Play Commentator for Inspire Pro in Austin, Texas
Memorable In Person Memory?: Going to an Anarchy Championship Wrestling event in December 2011, meeting El Generico for the first time and being so nervous that I forgot to shake his hand.
How did you get involved in WMS?: I started emailing into the show and they had me on to talk about independent wrestling. Now I do it every week.
 Favorite Show Moment?: That time DJ Lunchbox licked my face.

Mad MikeAliases: Mad Mike, Mikey, Flap, Mike Adams, The WWE Loggers Heavyweight Champion
Location : The Bronx, NY
Social Media : MadMike4883 on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat
Time with the show?: Have been a listener since 2006, started e-mailing a few months later, and was a cohost a year or so afterwards

Who is your favorite wrestler?: Of all time the list is short, Michaels, Jake, Savage, Jericho, Hennig
What is your favorite moment/memory of wrestling?: Shawn winning his last World Title Survivor Series 2002
What hooked you on wrestling?: Jake Roberts having a cobra bite the arm of the Macho Man

Favorite local wrestling?: Not local to me, but I do love some IWC…attend the occasional NEW show
Involvement in wrestling?: Worked for WWE as an archive database logger, and have been a part of e-fedding since 2004
Memorial in person memory: So many to list, Survivor Series 2002 was a great show all around, Doing commentary with Michael Cole at Axxess in Toronto, Getting MSG to chant for Chad the Shad

How did you get involved in WMS?: First started posting way too long comments on the Myspace page, then called in during fantasy football season, finally visited once I saw no one from the show killed Vim
Favorite show moment?: The live Anniversary show I was at, winning my first Mayhemmy, Sorgatron/Savage 08 Campaign

erin westAliases: Hotwheelz, Wheelz
Location: California,Pa
Social Media: @hotwheelzrwa,

Who is your favorite wrestler?: CM Punk
What is your favorite moment/memory of wrestling?: Being Jimmy D’s Foreign Object
What hooked you on wrestling?: Hulk Hogan 1985

Favorite local wrestling?: RWA
Involvement in wrestling?: (Mike w/wwe.  Eamon w/ inspire, etc) RWA,VOW, and DCW Sound Manager
Memorial in person memory: My very first Raw 2012

How did you get involved in WMS?: Longtime friend and Listener
Favorite show moment?: Worlds Strongest Redneck



Aliases: Mainstream May
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Social Media:
Who is your favorite wrestler: Dean Malenko
What is your favorite moment/memory of wrestling:  The Rock beating Cena at Mania 27
What hooked you on wrestling:  The Monday Night War
Favorite local wrestling:  IWC.
Involvement in wrestling: I’ve interviewed many people inside the business, from Stephanie McMahon and Bruno Sammartino to Corey Graves and Scott Hall. Also, I’ve been known to podcast.
How did you get involved in WMS?: I discovered it randomly on Stitcher!
Favorite show moment: Being asked what Steph smells like.