Bruno Sammartino on sign dedication in South Oakland (Pittsburgh), Dan Marino

Bruno Sammartino was in attendance the new South Oakland signs were dedicated in his honor along with NFL Quarterback Dan Marino and the Family of the Andy Warhol family. Bruno talks about the ceremony, his career, growing up in the neighborhood and Dan Marino.


Indy Mayhem Show 118: Les Thatcher

This week we have an epic conversation with Les Thatcher about discovering and training in pro wrestling, his venture into announcing, the importance of proper training, and an interesting relationship between a good wrestling match and sex?

We talked with Bruno Sammartino about his recent sign dedication in South Oakland (Pittsburgh, PA).

Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please, @inspirepro) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron, @sorgatronmedia) are joined again by BC Steele (@1sfpodcast) about his take on the sex and wrestling concept, IWC’s Reloaded 2.0 preview and more!

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If you are in Pittsburgh, you got to go to Slice on Broadway and get their food! ( @pgh_slice)

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