Mayhem Mania 2022: IT BEGINS!

Mayhem Mania is back!

It’s not just the ultimate fantasy booking challenge. It’s also a competitive thought experiment!

The object of Mayhem Mania has always been to craft the best WrestleMania card possible within the boundaries of our current reality. That means anyone WWE can book in a match is available to our players.

But this year, there’s a twist! Mayhem Mania 2022 is a two-night event! Night 1 will be the night for our traditional Mayhem Mania card featuring WWE-related matches. But on Night 2, we open the “forbidden door” and make it possible for our players to create matches with anyone outside of WWE.

Mid Week War 1/12/17: Impact Wrestling on Pop

Mad Mike is here to talk Impact Wrestling. He talks about Aron Rex’s new Liberace gimmick, the return of Brooke, lots of tag team matches featuring Decay, The DCC, The Wolves, and the Broken Hardys. Also Mad Mike explains why only Eli Drake can save us.



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Wrestling Mayhem Show SUPER FEED

Wrestling Mayhem Show 408: It’s Not TV…It’s WWE…

Wrestling Mayhem Show 408: It's Not TV...It's WWE...This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 408, we have our cast featuring Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Matt Carlins (@mattcarlins) Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)!

On this weeks show:

  • We talk about the first things we watched on the WWE Network.
  • We talk about the Wolves winning the TNA tag titles.
  • We talk about mid-card matches we want at Wrestlemania.
  • We have a roundtable featuring:
  • Remember When: We remember the best starts to Wrestlemania feuds.
  • We talk about our problems and complaints with the WWE Network.
  • We tell the world what we learned from wrestling this week.

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