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I’m aware that not every wrestler is as well dressed as the Bedazzled John Morrison or the Future of Fashion Shiima Xion, but there are some guys that just do not get it at all it would seem. This past Friday at Burgettstown Brawl I came to the realization that I had witnessed THE ugliest tights in professional wrestling today.



Now don’t get me wrong, I respect Zoltan as a legend just as much as any other legend, but what is up with those tights??? You may have heard me mention a few times how bad HBK’s Survivor Series 2002 tights looked, but this goes above and beyond an unfinished pair of pants. The ones you see pictured above are intended to look that way and he wears them on a regular basis. Perhaps his manager, Mayor Mystery, could offer him some fashion advice before he makes his next appearance.

That’s all I have for now folks. Hopefully won’t have to post about ugly tights again anytime soon! Stay classy!

-Mayhem Missy