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Mad Mike Reviews TNA: You’ve Ruined It!!!

Greetings Mayhemmers, we are in living in a post-Slammiversary world. A world where Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim had perhaps the high point of a pay-per-view, as odd as that sounds. And oh yeah…..Sting….yadda yadda yadda…..Aces…..blah blah….let’s go!

Segment 1: Recrap, Bully segment, Churro segment

  • I miss shows that started off with a match
  • Mike Tenay is probably angrier at Bully than every other member of the roster
  • I don’t know if Hells Kitchen is exactly God’s Country there Bubba
  • Hogan looks so creepy with that glove on
  • Slipped on a banana peel? HE WAS JUMPED BY EIGHT GUYS HOGAN
  • God Hogan, stop with the awful cheap pops
  • Hogan you clearly can’t do whatever the hell you want, if you could you could just strip Bully of the title
  • A ladder match for a hammer? God this was awful when WWE did it, and now it’s even worse
  • Churro should never speak ever
  • Did Churro teach Hernandez to have a more successful uncle?

Segment 2: TNA Shop commercial, Match 1: BFG Qualifier Churro Vs. Hernandez, Rampage walking

  • TNA Shops commercials just make me want to bang their Knockouts, not buy merch…and I didn’t need much help with the latter
  • “Deals so hot, they’re cool” That doesn’t even make sense
  • Churro again doesn’t speak correctly, only one of these guys gets in the BFG
  • Yes Mike, because Taz was always known as a tag team wrestler
  • Wow, winner via “stacks him up”? That’s awful
  • Did anyone even know that Rampage was a free agent?

Segment 3: Devon segment

  • For months Devon would forget his title completely, and now he wants it back so badly?
  • Somehow I hope TNA can make Abyss and Joseph Park appear in the same segment

Segment 4: Hunt for Abyss segment, Match 2: BFG Qualifier Robbie E Vs. Joekozuna

  • Can Knux just looks for things every episode? That’d be great
  • Well that didn’t last long

Segment 5: Mickie segment, Kurt package

  • Hahahahah Mickie gave Velvet a lottery ticket, that’s so amazing
  • I like the subtle dig that Velvet overlooked people as champ
  • Meh still don’t care about Kurt being inducted

Segment 6: Rampage segment

  • Wow, his music really starts with a wolf howl?
  • To be the bess, I gotta beat the bess
  • That last blip was sarcasm
  • Mike….in a match between Angle and Rampage they are both a part of TNA now
  • Hogan needs to stop booking no DQ matches for a guy with a huge stable of heels

Segment 7: Clubhouse segment, Match 3: Sabin and ATF Vs. King Super Heels

  • Seriously…what is Destination X going to be then? A free Impact?
  • Gunner looks like the de-evolved version of Jame Storm

Segment 8: Monster Hunters, Taryn segment, Match 4: Mickie Vs. Taeler, Monster Hunters 3

  • Aces and Eights still aren’t used to buildings bigger than the Impact Zone
  • Brooke just admitted she did no research into who Taryn was at all before she got hired
  • Oh God, so Brooke is an awful person
  • Yay for Taeler!!!
  • Boo that she’s probably going to job quickly
  • Ah fake injuries Mickie? Really?
  • If Mickie is going to have her bra exposed, it should really not clash with her shirt
  • Abyss is clearly wearing track pants.

Segment 9: Sting tweets, Match 5: Hammer time Hardy Vs. Bully

  • I know what the future of Sting is….and I don’t like it at all
  • So Cal Val’s leg cameo
  • What’s the big deal about grabbing the hammer? You don’t win immediately, it can easily be knocked out of your hand, and wouldn’t a ladder hurt more?

Segment 10: Match cont

  • But seriously, how do you win these matches? First person to use the hammer? Why not just get a new hammer?
  • Wow Bully, that leap and set up to get crotched was the worst thing on this show
  • Ouch. That looked like it hurt.
  • Hardy looks like he tore something when trying to chase Bully
  • Never seen a ladder match with a no contest before…
  • Why didn’t Anderson send out some help?
  • Hogan just conveniently had another hammer
  • A wild Brooke Hogan appears!
  • It used BAD ACTING! It’s Super Effective!

TNH8 Scale

Wrestling: 3.5 Laganas out of 5, ladder match and six man were good but nothing we haven’t seen before

Logic: 4.5 Laganas out of 5, nothing really to complain about except no build for AJ

Overall: 8 Laganas out of 10