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Dragon Gate USA Freedom Fight

Dragon Gate USA's PPV "Freedom Fight" premires January 22nd on PPV

The newest pay per view from former Ring of Honor Booker Gabe Sapolsky’s new product, Dragon Gate USA premieres Friday, January 22nd on Dish Network, Events in Demand andmany other pay per view companies. However, the main difference between Dragon Gate’s last two PPV’s is the importance as DGUSA will crown the first “Open the Freedom Gate” Champion through a series of qualifying matches, leading to a main event four-way.

Qualifying Match #1- Generation New

Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson vs. Gran Akuma vs. Lince Dorado vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Hallowicked

Interesting factors are seen all around in this six way match. Nick and Matt Jackson, collectively known as “The Young Bucks” will be in a different situation than their previous matches as they will be against each other in hopes to qualify for the title match main event. Gran Akuma has made extreme headway in Dragon Gate USA ever since the first DGUSA ppv where he turned on his Chikara brethren to align himself with YAMATO. However, Akuma is looking to pick up his first win in Dragon Gate and also to take the Open the Freedom Gate title. Lince Dorado and Johnny Gargano (stay tuned to Episode 202 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show for an interview with Johnny Gargano) are both making their PPV debut for Dragon Gate. However, they both have achieved victories in the company through the Fray matches on pre-shows. Hallowicked finds himself in this match as a substitute for the injured Jigsaw and his opening to make a huge impression on the company through this match.

Qualifying Match #2- Redemption

Brian Kendrick vs. BxB Hulk

Both men with similar styles and flamboyancy, Kendrick and Hulk are sure to have a competitive match, especially in part with the fact that both men have yet to achieve a win at past DGUSA PPV’s. Not only will the this match give one of these men their first win, but also catapult them into the main event of the PPV in hopes to become DGUSA’s first champion.

Qualifying Match #3- Salute to Skayde

Super Crazy vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. CIMA vs. Jorge “Skayde” Rivera

A match that has been paved with such honor and respect will come to a head at Freedom Fight. The importance of Jorge Rivera to these three men’s career’s is evident as both CIMA and Quackenbushwere both trained by the Mexican wrestling legend. It is also shown with the returning Super Crazy, who lost his mask to Skayde at the young age of 14. The four men in this match must hold a great honor, both in their opponents, and the chance to gain the Open the Freedom Gate Title.

Qualifying Match #4- Next Level

Davey Richards vs. YAMATO

Both men have achievedgreat success in both Dragon Gate USA as well as around the wrestling world. Richards was able to put away one of the mainstays in Dragon Gate, Shingo, at the last show, Untouchable. YAMATO also holds the honor of winning the first match in DGUSA history by defeating BxB Hulk. Whichever man comes out on top, they are the sure favorite to become the first ever Open the Freedom Gate Champion.

The winners of these four matches will wrestle in the main event for the championship.

Dragon Kid and Shingo vs. Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi

These two teams rivalry has been boiling over ever since the first Dragon Gate USA show. After the win by Dragon Kid over Masato Yoshino, Yoshino arrogantly shoves Dragon Kid to the floor, to the disdain of Dragon Kid’s partner, Shingo. Shingo would go on to lose to Doi in the main event as the feud between Dragon Kid and Yoshino continued to the next event in Chicago, with the same result. Now these two teams will go head to head to prove who the top duo is.

Be sure to watch this PPV on Friday Jan 22nd as well as go to http://www.dgusa.tv/