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Get Your Stickers!

We have scores of stickers for the Wrestling Mayhem Show and we want YOU! to get them!  All you have to do is send a SASE (a Self Address Stamped Envelope) to:

Wrestling Mayhem Show Stickers!
c/o Sorgatron Media
1535 Belasco Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Send us whatever sized envelope with the proper postage to send it back you you, and we’ll STUFF that thing with stickers!  Stick them on your car.  Stick them on your bar.  Stick them on your little sister.  Wherever! (that won’t get you fined or arrested.  Our lawyers don’t recommend that).  But send us the evidence, um, I mean, send us your pictures of where you’re sticking them and we’ll pass them along on our Twitter, show, and more!  Drop those pics to the show’s usual email: [email protected]!