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Help in Haiti

We received the following email and would like to pass it along to help the cause…

Hey guys, I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the tragedy in Haiti and the seemingly insurmountable losses they’ve endured. My dad lives out in Delaware and he works at the hospital and on Wednesday January 20th he’s leaving with a group from the hospital to go and provide medical care to those in Haiti, and my family is asking for donations to help with expenses. Nothing that’s going to break the bank, just whatever you can give. Any donations will be greatly, greatly appreciated!! He’ll be out there for a week helping to provide care to those suffering from this tragedy, and like I said, we’re not looking to break the bank, just anything you might be able to give. We’re estimating airfare and expenses to be around 800 dollars. If you’d like to donate, please make a check payable to

David Brayfield
21 Phoenix Avenue
Newark, Delaware 19702

and get in touch with me through either my facebook or twitter so I can personally thank you!

Thanks to Sorg for allowing me the opportunity to put this out there, as well as an advance thank you for everyone who can help out. It really means a lot!!