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Mad Mike Reviews TNA: Aces and 0.Eight Ratings

Greetings Mayhemmers, welcome back to Impact and here we go with the go home show before Slammiversary, wonder how many matches they book on this card?

Segment 1: Recrap, Clubhouse segment, Aces segment, Match 1: Team 3D Vs. Sting and Park

  • So the order of business for Aces and Eights is AJ….let’s see how that turns out
  • So we’re really going to lump Hogan and Flair in with Jeff Hardy?
  • Hey, it’s nice to see that the world champion knows Joseph Park’s last name

Segment 2: Match cont

  • I think Bully just stole Del Rio’s enziguri
  • Joseph not knowing how to do the deathlock was awesome
  • Hahahaha Joseph looks so happy to hear Abyss’ music

Segment 3: Kurt segment, Dixie segment, Match 2: Joe Vs. Bischoff

  • What does Kurt even mean when he says “literally” after he says he’s gonna be watching AJ’s match
  • Looks like Dixie has really bought a lot of shares of AquaNet
  • Also her music is horrible
  • So this is an announcement of an announcement of an induction….right?
  • Also why is no one coming out to be Dixie’s guard?
  • Wes, Bisch, and DOC are really the jobbers of Aces and Eights
  • Joe you aren’t much better at speaking

Segment 4: Match cont

  • So as soon as we come back from commercial, the match is thrown out…awesome
  • Why wasting Hardy’s return on the Aces and Eights jobbers match
  • Joe is way closer to a shaved ape than DOC is

Segment 5: Hogan Knows Nothing segment, Match 3: Eight Man Tag

  • Wow you can get written permission slips to rape, pillage, and plunder just by saying “I love you?”
  • Do we really need to waste time introducing all four of these teams?

Segment 6: Match cont, Clubhouse segment

  • This is really just “Everyone beats up on Churro” THE MATCH
  • He doesn’t even have a gun, let alone enough to necessitate and entire rack
  • Did Storm even wrestle in that match?
  • Slammiversary spoilers….TNA totally forgot they didn’t book Anderson
  • I still want to know what this job Bully has for Knux is
  • Now Aces and Eights wants a huge body count as well as taking out AJ

Segment 7: Mickie’s celebration

  • God Mickie don’t plug your new album if your own company won’t do it
  • Can’t tell if Mickie is a heel or a face yet
  • Velvet…sweety…..you can’t sell a knee injury IF YOU ARE WEARING GOD DAMNED HOOKER HEELS
  • Velvet looks awesome with that makeup/hair combo
  • Mickie is doing the subtle heel turn, that’s fun
  • So Brooke wants the Knockouts division to succeed so much that she only wants one match at the PPV and doesn’t want her champion on the show? Awesome.
  • Taz just said “women be crazy” basically….nice

Segment 8: Match 4: Kenny and Gail Vs. Sabin and Taryn

  • I’ve said this before but I think Taryn and Big E should change wrestling attire
  • I really feel bad for ODB
  • Lots of Taryn’s ass in this match just because of how TNA does their tag matches
  • Suicide’s finisher is awful

Segment 9: Sting package, Match 5: AJ vs. Anderson

  • Yawn Stinger
  • God Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw should be a pre-show match
  • If AJ was going to have a new video/entrance theme at Slammiversary then he shouldn’t have wrestled a single match since he came back
  • This has nothing to do with the match, but that announce desk is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

Segment 10: Match cont

  • I want to know why all the Aces’ vests say NOMADS on them
  • Kurt Angle is the worst person ever
  • BTW how’s that body count and taking out AJ thing working out for Aces and Eights?
  • Okay…I guess that is the body count, but it happened more due to convenience than Aces and Eights going out and dominating

TNH8 Scale

Wrestling: 3 Laganas out of 5 Again, all of this was just very average, nothing really stood out like the Shield matches have done

Logic: 4 Laganas out of 5 The Aces motivation is a bit off, but otherwise everything was fine

Overall: 7 Laganas out of 10