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Mad Mike Reviews TNA: Concussion Consequences Creed

Greetings Mayhemmers, since I’m the guy who watches TNA the most as the main hosts on this show, but we never seem to talk about it (mainly because it sucks) I decided to at least use my journalistic integrity and live blog about it each week. This will be written live as I watch Impact, so enjoy! Segment 1: Recrap, Sting segment

  • The ppv is three days away and I feel like I have absolutely no idea what’s on it
  • Yay close up on Carly!!!
  • So Sting doesn’t like Dixie getting fisted…gotcha.
  • Impact fans chanting “On your knees” wow….the only one I wanna see on their knees is Carly
  • Hahahaha Why Is every single heel in TNA extremely fucking right!!!
  • Jeff says Hardy is a drug addict that doesn’t deserve another chance and no one wants around
  • Roode says Dixie can’t manage a wrestling company
  • Bischoff says his son will never become a big star
  • Haha Roode spit in Dixie’s face, he’s awesome

Segment 2: Roode/AJ segment, Match 1: Samoa Joe Vs. Abyss

  • I love when Al Snow and D’Lo are in segments
  • Wow a match with two people I could give less than a flying fuck about
  • You know the main thing that makes TNA look so unprofessional, the cutaways from matches for commercial
  • With WWE someone is either on the outside of the ring or something, and if anything significantly changes during the commercial its showed on a replay when they come back

Segment 3: Match 1 cont, Knockout segment

  • Are they really not going to mention they got Abyss some whores last week?
  • Poor Abyss still can’t get those teeth fixed
  • These segments seem really short tonight
  • Madison is very hot when she’s sucking up
  • Watching Impact sucks when I can’t fast-forward through the commericals
  • Hulk Hogan was on Impact tonight….in a Rent-A-Center commercial, and Aikman really is concerned about Hogan’s lap

Segment 4: Gunner segment, Pope/Reverend segment

  • God I hate Gunnar
  • I’m pretty sure this is the Impact race wars, Morgan and Crimson first took out Mexican America, now its Team Black Stereotype
  • I thought it was 25 times D-Von?
  • Honkey is soooooo offensive….what??
  • Hmmm the Pope just wants money
  • I swear this has been the slowest build in the history of ever

Segment 5: Match 2: Maddy Vs. Mickie

  • Labia count: 1
  • Labia count: 3 Jesus Mickie needs a bit more material in those shorts…
  • Nice to see Madison has her “for the troops” outfit too
  • Labia count: 4
  • Mickie has a weird outfit on for this match, its like she couldn’t decide which top so she wore both of them
  • Oh man that DDT looked brutal
  • Labia count: 5

Segment 6: Match 3: Garett Vs. Gunner

  • Nice to see his wrestling gear is brought to you by Dockers
  • It’s not really an upset if he’s beaten Gunner three times in a row
  • That was the worst looking piledriver I’ve ever seen, that didn’t kill someone

Segment 7: Garett getting carted off, Storm segment, Knockouts segment

  • Flair was grabbing Garett’s tits while he was strapped down
  • It’s really sad that the longest match tonight so far has been Garett and Gunner
  • TNA is missing a golden opportunity, James Storm doing a Head and Shoulders commercial with Troy
  • I always love the “I’m gonna turn my back on you” bit
  • I wish this one was the number one contender’s match
  • Drink every time Karen makes a “lay on your back” or “get on your knees” joke

Segment 8: Devon’s own sons segment,Match 4: Traci Vs. Gail

  • Devon…maybe stop bringing your kids to shows…just maybe
  • Traci’s outfit has way too many zippers
  • God they can’t even afford the graphic to say “Knockout” twice, and instead writes KO Champion
  • Traci running is kinda hypnotic…
  • Gail’s eye makeup running makes her look like that creepy girl from The Grudge
  • Madison saves yet another segment

Segment 9: Card rundown, Main Event

  • First time I’ve seen one of these in a long time
  • I think most of these were actually already announced and kinda built up….wow
  • Final Resolution doesn’t look like an awful show…yet somehow it probably will be
  • I miss AJ’s old theme music
  • This main event intro every week really takes up way too much time where they could be wrestling
  • Then again, as I say that, the match unexpectantly starts….well played

Segment 10: Main event continued

  • Wonder if this “leg injury” will even be mentioned on the PPV Sunday?
  • TNA needs to frequently stop showing people how small the Impact Zone is
  • Absolutely perfect ending to Impact with that chop block there by Roode
  • This is honestly a pretty decent go-home show for Final Resolution

TNHate Scale

Logic: 3.5 Russos out of 5

Wrestling: 4 Russos out of 5

Overall: 7.5 Russos out of 10