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Mad Mike Reviews Total Divas: Breast In The World

Well since neither Bella is dating a champion right now, and this is running directly against Summerslam…I wonder who has even seen this episode.  But here we go!

Segment 1

  • Oh we open with lingerie shopping….lovely
  • Sweet Jeebus
  • Heh the Bellas don’t even get a separate intro
  • Hahahahahaha Brie hates implants
  • Ariane….stop fucking trying to make catch phrases
  • “ching ching” “the bomb dot com” both of these phrases need to die
  • Bryan’s incredulous look when Brie says she needs to lose weight is amazing
  • Is Tyson really watching WWE? Wow.
  • Ha! He’s watching Extreme Rules, and Nattie doesn’t want to watch it
  • Nattie really could have approached that better…

Segment 2

  • 20 days without booze, Nikki is gonna be even more horrible
  • Ariane is pretty much everything I hate about women rolled up into one lol
  • Jon Uso stuck in the back of the car, needs to be a new meme
  • Embarrassed Jon Uso is my new spirit animal
  • Are Nattie and Tyson even engaged?
  • Also what kind of career is Tyson really that anxious to get back to? Jobbing with Justin Gabriel?

Segment 3

  • I want to stab Ariane in the neck…she’s the most immature person on a show with the Bellas
  • The AC in Nikki’s apartment works well
  • It’s a fun karmic roller coaster to see Nikki be upset people call her fat, when THAT’S ALL THEIR CHARACTERS EVER DO
  • I’m pretty sure a 20 day juicing fast for someone who hasn’t done it before is a lot to ask for
  • Ariane should probably talk to WWE if she is going to get surgery that requires at least a month’s recovery

Segment 4

  • Seeing the Bellas argue about being fat makes me want to see Mickie James spin kick them
  • The Bella twins not looking identical is basically their whole gimmick
  • Tyson isn’t stupid…he’s Canadian

Segment 5

  • This episode needs more Sara Del Ray
  • Ariane clearly doesn’t recognize that the boobs won’t bounce that much when they are actually attached
  • Oh please for the love of crap tell me a Bella stole the boob

Segment 6

  • Ariane without padding looks like an eight year old gymnast
  • Yessssssssss and it’s the evil Bella too so I laugh
  • Cena is such a boy scout, I love it

Segment 7

  • All of them rubbing their own boobs is a great way to end any show
  • Oh finally Tyson is shown not to be a moron