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Mad Mike’s Pay Per View Review: Over The Limit

Since I was late to the party to watch Over The Limit live but DVRed it, I figured I’d do a mini-review for everyone who couldn’t see it at Justin’s place.

Match 1: Intercontinental Championship Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

  • First off, I usually love the set design of PPVs, but this one seems really lazy to me, ah well
  • I always like it when guys fight on the apron, it’s always so unique
  • Interesting exchange with Drew hanging on the bottom rope for the Boom Drop
  • Nice to see Kofi get the win here, but I don’t know why they’ve been pushing Drew and Matt if they want Kofi to have the belt
  • Oh…..there’s Matt, strike my last statement; isn’t live commentary fun?

Punk segment

  • Axe hair gel…..really? REALLY?

Match 2: R. Truth vs. Ted Dibiase with Virgil

  • I’m so glad Virgil is getting a paycheck, but do they have to keep saying “the real” Virgil? It’s like someone would make a clone of him.
  • A trust fund worth billions? Ted should buy TNA
  • I don’t like the dynamic where Striker becomes the whipping boy of Cole and Lawler
  • I just noticed Virgil has a shiny star on the front of his shirt…I have no idea why.
  • Wow….so that was a match, why build up that Virgil is going to be there if he doesn’t do anything?

Teddy Long segment

  • I don’t know why but I think this may lead to Teddy being named the new Raw GM so he doesn’t have to deal with McIntyre
  • Matt Striker subtly pointing to himself when they mentioned the new Raw GM made me laugh

Match 3: CM Punk vs. Rey Misterio

  • No Serena on my screen makes me very upset
  • Doc Remedy’s face shirt > Rey Misterio’s face shirt
  • God forbid we want the little children to not have booze or drugs
  • Wow the shot to the barber chair looked awesome, but technically shouldn’t that be a DQ?
  • I wonder if sometimes they use these “blood breaks” to buy time during the match
  • Punk knows how to work a crowd though as soon as the crowd started to lose interest Punk brought them right back into it
  • Punk lost because Serena used that toxic Axe hair gel on him, didn’t he?
  • CM Punk is Tyler Durden isn’t he?
  • Kane? What?
  • Haha, Punk is being Crucified, awesomeness
  • Wow, an A-Train reference in 2010
  • Hey Michael Cole, Rey has less hair than Punk…

JeriShowMiz Promo

  • I miss these guys interacting every week

Match 4: Unified Tag Team Chanmpionship Hart Dynasty vs. Mizzicho

  • Tyson Kidd checking his watch during the suplex is such a fun touch
  • I’m still amazed that in May of 2010, Bret Hart, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash are all champions
  • That Codebreaker looked awesome
  • That was a very nicely crafted finish to that match, don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone counter Miz’s turnbuckle clothesline like that

Match 5: Randy Orton vs. Chad the Shad Edge

  • I love how some crowds still aren’t as willing to accept Orton’s Austin character, reminds me of 1997
  • Doesn’t Orton usually wear elbow pads? For some reason his arms look different
  • Oh man that arm of Orton does not look good at all…I didn’t even see when it happened, but it looked like he aggravated it during his setup for the RKO
  • Crappy ending doing the double countout, but Orton tried to gut his way through but it looks like he just got to a point where he couldn’t lift his arm

Match 6: World Heavyweight Championship Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

  • I always like when Big Show gets to work with someone new and we get to see new approaches on how to offensively attack the big guy, this match is no different
  • Swagger’s heel turn is definitely shades of early Kurt Angle, and there’s nothing wrong with that
  • Wow, I figured Swagger would lose by DQ…but that was just way too blatant

Match 7: Diva’s Championship Maryse vs. Eve

  • Eve needs to tighten that belt so it fits
  • I wish these two were a little bit better in the ring because I’ve actually enjoyed their rivalry over a belt that has little to no credibility
  • Maryse could turn into a psycho gimmick real quick I think
  • I love it when Maryse laughs at her opponent during the middle of the match
  • Wow, Eve…that’s the lamest finisher I’ve ever seen
  • I think Striker, Cole, and Lawler have been hanging our with RVD while in Detroit

Match 8: WWE Championship I Quit Match Batista vs. John Cena

  • The Steroid Rings of Batista looks really painful
  • Cena’s Twitter account is really a very interesting mix of kayfabe and worked tweets, especially earlier this afternoon in the buildup to the PPV
  • I would almost guarantee that early on in his career John Cena has tapped out
  • Jesus, Cena’s strength is really scary sometimes, I love his dead lift moves in there types of matches
  • Oh those poor Spanish announcers
  • I wish Michael Cole would have had flashbacks of his recent attack when Batista approached them
  • Batista telling the blood doc to come back later is amazing
  • Wow, this is going into the crowd…I bet those cars on the stage might be involved in this
  • Wow, Big Dave was like a ninja grabbing that chair
  • This match has a very late 90s feel to it
  • That car spot was pretty awesome, especially Dave having to manually unlock the door afterward
  • That was an awesome match, and a nice ending spot for Big Dave to go through the stage
  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Batista one more time still where he puts his career on the line
  • Whoa Sheamus for the win!!!!!

Overall, not too bad of a showing for WWE, had some decent matches…it’s a shame about Orton though, I hope it isn’t as serious as it initially looked. Well hope you guys enjoyed this live reaction of Over the Limit, be sure to tune into the Mayhem Show Tuesday night to hear the rest of the guys thoughts.