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Mayhem Mailbag for November 20th 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

What up mayhem crew! It’s @bigppc oh yes it’s me it’s me!

365 days and counting for C M Punk! Congratulations to the straight edge champion who has ruled with his mighty fists taped with x’s on them. C M Punk DVD is amazing! So if you didn’t know by all this punk retained his title against Cena and ryback. I will say that was my favorite part of the ppv the main event ryback went to do his finisher on the outside to both Cena and punk and then punk and Cena teamed up against him with a double suplex thru the table. Best part was when Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Raines whoever. Very happy, I figured that Cena would lose and there would be some tomfoolery or shenanigans. Hopefully these can be Paul heyman guys or something. Time will tell.

Ziggler, Barrett, sandow, del rio, and filling in for Cody who landed on his neck and shoulder on main event its………………David Otuga. Ughtuga more like it. Vs team foley? Miz, Orton, Bryan, Kane, Kingston.
Dolph ziggler is the sole survivor not a bad thing it is fucking great. Team ziggler had more people I enjoyed. D bry and Kane and a few others are cool. If ya don’t know I have been thinking that randy Orton is over rated and is a terrible face or good guy. He can play a heel well but not the stoic silent “good guy” bull shit ass viper snake ridiculous fucking 10 time champion my ass. Random thought for randy Orton’s and John Cena’s 10 x champion that over past 10 yrs that is why they barely gave anyone else near either of them as far as being “superstars”! Make news stars and leave Cena and Orton away from title.
Team Brodus high flyers with Tyson Kidd,Justin Gabriel , Rey mysterio, sin cara, and Brodus clay the only team member eliminated. The other team tensi prime time players and epico and primo. Good bonus match.
Sheamus vs Big Show was good again. Looks like we will have a Chair match at TLC Fella! He hit him like rock vs mankind back in the day. Minus the head shots. Sheamus isn’t smiling anymore fella? 🙁 big show retained with referee spot and ko punch after brogue kick to ref.
Antonio cesaro defeated little jimmy and r truth. Nuff said.
Divas match eve wins again nothing new.
Vicky and aj segments pointless for most part.
Pre show 3 M B Baby! Beat team cobro the team of santino and Ryder has officially lost to basically 90% of the roster. Woo woo woo who cares bro? I used to its getting hard to figure out where Ryder ends and santino begins if you know what I am saying. Up each others asses damn homie I will just say it!

Raw thoughts
Heyman party for punk is great! I love the I am a Paul Heyman Guy shirt. It would be great to have one myself could be on wwe shop or barber shop window. Who knows.
Sandow vs Sheamus was Brilliant! It was a masterpiece of perfection and brutality. Your welcome. Fella
Miz is awesome not just on mic he is good in ring as well. Will he stay as a face we will see.
Tamina vs Aj huh interesting?
Now not only is John Cena’s Penis a trouble maker but his lips are worse. Him and A J had John I bet got that little Cena chub with the pre cumdot or was that just 90% of the boys watching.
Puberty starter promoting WWE what’s next WWE condoms. I bet John Cena is the spokes person for this too. His time is up his the franchise player and he is shining now. Penis in your mouth ya the condom plays Cena music when put it on revolutionary wwe condoms. Ok moving on.
Wade Barrett Barrett fucking barrage! Vs Kingston fantastic match Barrett wins maybe next IC champ. Whatever takes him to gold faster world title would be better but Ic title works too.
Cesaro vs funkasaurus was great. He knocks em out with very European uppercut and then dead lifts with neutralizer. Wowzah!
Orton beat del rio for the 20th time.
Kahli was on raw in segment with horrnswoggle? Ugh
Paul Hayman needs BALLOONS!!!!!!
Listen! To! What! Big! Show! Has! To! Say!
Damn Dolph ziggler just made women all over want to hate Ziggler with that promo to her face. Cena to the rescue and then the bath got tore apart. Great job Cena hurt knee and he fucked up the shitter great job Cena!
Feed ryback more just not three at a time. Ryback is unstoppable except for the triads the “vigilantes” Rollins , Ambrose, Raines. It was fantastic seeing ryback do she’ll shock to tensi was impressive.
Very happy that Ambrose and Rollins and Raines are on tv great stuff!
I hope that kassius Ohno, richie steam boat, bray Wyatt, jay carter is Vader son, will be coming up to roster soon too.
Question for this week. If you could play booker for TNA who would your champions be? If you could name your 10 favorite wrestlers from any promotions. If need be answer next week.
TNA Aries would be TNA champion, Samoa joe keeps the tv title, Kaz and Daniels as tag champs, r v d is x Divison champ is fine, Tara knockout champ, and Eric young Odb knock out tag champs,
My top 10
Austin Aries
Kurt Angle
Kassius Ohno
Kevin steen
El generico
Wade Barrett
Daniel Bryan
C m punk
Colt cabana
Antonio Cesaro
Until next time it’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc!
I may not be the longest reigning emailer but I have consistently emailed for 4 months and counting. Fact is the a Newbie award of the year or rookie fan of the year or best new emailer or something sounded good take it easy!

From Alexander Kahrs
Twitter: akahrs

10 Percenters and my Wrestling Mayhem Show friends and fam,

I am thankful for YOU this year. Whether it’s providing great entertainment with the podcast, or putting up with my silliness over the short time we’ve known each other, I appreciate you. Even you, Rizz. Here’s to a great holiday season, and may the WMS continue to bring joy to the Internet Wrestling Community and beyond!

– AlexK, Occupy Pro Wrestling (http://powertothesmarks.com)

P.S. If El Gran Azul starts rambling on about some turkey, sorry about that. I bought him a rotisserie chicken as a gift, and he seemed overzealous about it.

From El Gran Azul
Twitter: @EGAOle

¡Hola amigos! Estoy agradecido mis amigos en Wrestling Mayhem Show, y mis familia en lucha libra. Aun #BigPPC. ¡Olé!

También estoy muy agradecido por el hermoso pavo que gente de Wrestling Mayhem Show me envió para Acción de Gracias. Muchas gracias, la familia WMS! ¡Olé!

El Gran Azul
Follow me on Twitter! Ole! @EGAOle


Hello friends! I am thankful for my friends in Wrestling Mayhem Show, and my wrestling family. Even #BigPPC. Olé!

I am also very thankful for the lovely turkey you folks at Wrestling Mayhem Show sent me for Thanksgiving. Thank you very much, WMS family! Olé!

If you wanna be on next weeks Mayhem Mailbag, email us at [email protected] about anything you wanna say about the week in wrestling!