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Mad Mike Reviews TNA: Hardcore Blah-ctice

Greetings Mayhemmers, since I’m the guy who watches TNA the most as the main hosts on this show, but we never seem to talk about it (mainly because it sucks) I decided to at least use my journalistic integrity and live blog about it each week. This will be written live as I watch Impact, so enjoy!

Segment 1: Recrap, Bully segment

  • This is already bad, recapping the two stories I fucking hate
  • Yay Carly is in the crowd, maybe this won’t suck!
  • Who the fuck named So Cal Val a production assistant
  • #TwittahMachine well played, planted sign, well played
  • Someone besides a champion or Sting opened the show?? Yay!
  • Storm should never repeat the words in his song in a promo again
  • Why is Bane leading the Aces and Eights?

Segment 2: Pope segment, Match 1: Magnus Vs. RVD, Roode segment

  • No one cares about Pope
  • Anderson it doesn’t matter if you’re in the final four, if you don’t have enough points…that is how this works right?
  • Dixie’s social media pictures look like they were taken at the Sears Photo Center in 1986
  • Nice to see that TNA actually said what the stipulations are for these matches
  • Poor Magnus

Segment 3: Match 2: Devon and Garrrretttttt Vs. Kaz and Daniels, Sting segment

  • So much for Devon ever defending that TV Title again
  • God I almost wish this was Chavo and Hernandez getting the title match
  • Remember when Garrret wanted the TV title?
  • At least Team Appletini won
  • Hey Sting…watch the fucking show, Aces and Eights already said they were there

Segment 4: BFG Series package, Robbie E segment, AJ segment

  • Nice package for each competitor there
  • Robbie E can’t do math, 25 points isn’t even getting him to 6th place in the BFG series
  • Ok the official “Claire raped AJ” story is still in effect

Segment 5: Samoa Joe segment, Match 3: Angle Vs AJ

  • Joe vs. Aries would be the best outcome of the BFG series, so it probably won’t happen
  • TNA really needs to learn how to time these matches better

Segment 6: Match cont, Aces and Eights segment, Anderson segment

  • Claire is so fucking ugly…I’m fairly confident AJ could have done better
  • She also has an irritating voice
  • For a pregnant woman, she’s showing an awful lot of cleavage (hint: she’s not really preggers)
  • This is a great match it’s too bad the TV crowd didn’t see half of it
  • Nice, clean finish to a good match…why don’t they do this more often?
  • Fans aren’t allowed to reach over the railing like that
  • See this whole post match bullshit could have been done after a commercial break and we could have seen more of the match
  • Why do people think Storm is behind the Aces and Eights when they are making statements that have nothing to do with him?

Segment 7: Aries segment, Match 4: Hooters Vs. Gail

  • I hate contract signings….I really do
  • Wow, what a standard women’s match
  • Wouldn’t Earl try to help Gail, since she’s Maddy’s friend?

Segment 8: Contract signing,

  • How is a world with Aries and Punk as champion have them become so stale?
  • So in other words, this is a way to end this feud before the finals of the BFG Series

Segment 9: Match 5: Storm Vs. Bully

  • There was so little action before the commercial break again…this is why WWE cuts entrances

Segment 10: Match cont

  • I’ve concluded that this BFG Series is way too fucking long, we still have another month of this…right now there are really only 5 people that can end up winning the tournament
  • I hate to say it, but in order for this to be more interesting there needs to be more DQs, Draws, and countouts
  • Wow, look at all the people already starting to leave not happy
  • This whole thing is bullshit
  • There’s three people that can be in charge of A&E in my opinion
  • Who I don’t want it to be: James Storm or Robert Roode….way too obvious
  • Who it probably will be: Jeff Jarrett, because of course it would be
  • Who it’d be awesome to be: Austin Aries, I mean Aces are A’s…..A Double….it could make sense

TNH8 Scale

Logic: 4 Lagans out of 5

Wrestling 3 Laganas out of 5

Overall: 7 Laganas out of 10