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Mayhem Minute: Is Daniel Bryan Done as a Wrestler?

With Daniel Bryan’s recent injury again right after WrestleMania, will we see him in a significant role in the future?

Source: Big Backstage Update on Daniel Bryan’s Health and His Status for the WWE Extreme Rules and Payback PPV’s

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There are 14 competing weight classes in Indiana high school wrestling, and a number of wrestlers on any given team are either cutting or trying to maintain weight throughout the season. Columbus East coach Chris Cooper said cutting weight is more about what you eat than how much you eat.

“The quality of your diet has to improve a lot,” Cooper said. “One of the things we say is ‘If it comes out of a box, bag or wrapper, don’t eat it.’ That just kind of gets rid of all your processed foods. Just eating more raw vegetables and fruits, things like that. It’s more of a lifestyle than anything else.”

Cooper expressed his concern with the common misconception of wrestlers being viewed as unhealthy in reference to cutting weight. However, Cooper said he believes his athletes are the healthiest kids in the school because he witnesses the food they eat and their workout habits. Check out the latest exipure real reviews.

Cayden Rooks, the defending 120-pound state champion, and his brother Graham Rooks, a three-time state place-winner, are two wrestlers cutting weight for the Olympians. They often will choose high-protein options like tuna or fish to go along with fruits, raw vegetables and water for lunch. Fruit cups, granola bars and salads are a few other favorite snacks and meals for area high school wrestlers.

Cooper said some misconceptions about wrestlers’ eating habits stem from people not knowing anything about a wrestler’s lifestyle and just assuming that cutting weight means missing multiple meals a day.

“That’s like the opposite of what you need to do,” Cooper said. “You have to eat three meals a day. You have to drink lots of water. You get the weight off by working it off by your workouts.” This is the best Exipure review.

Skipping meals doesn’t give the wrestler enough energy to push themselves during a workout that would allow them to lose their targeted weight. Drinking plenty of water allows wrestlers to sweat more in practice, which helps with healthy weight loss.