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Political Mayhem Show: Beta Episode

We’ve been talking about it for a while – and now it’s a reality. We’ve pulled together the only voices in Pittsburgh that could make this a thing. That’s right, we’ve got our analysts, Old School Burt LeGrande and everyone’s favorite manager, BC Steele behind a couple of microphones at Sorgatron Media HQ.

In the maiden voyage of the Political Mayhem Show, Burt LeGrande and BC Steele discuss the current climate of politics with President Donald Trump, who has a long background and connections with pro wrestling, including the rhetoric being used, the heel promo, would Oprah or The Rock make good Presidents, and will it matter to win the next election?

Burt LeGrande is a ring announcer for promotions such as the Renegade Wrestling Alliance since 2001 and works locally in talk radio.

BC Steele has been a pro wrestling referee, wrestler, and manager in the wrestling world since 2001.

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