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Lucha Underground Season 3 Trailer Breakdown (65 IMAGES!)

Don’t look now, but the start of Season 3 of Lucha Underground is just weeks away. Some fans are still trying to process everything that happened during Ultima Lucha Dos and the rest of Season 2, but it’s unlikely you’ll hear them complain. A short break is much better than the painful uncertainty for much of the time between Seasons 1 and 2.

Just in case you need more reasons to be excited about the return of the finest professional wrestling product on television, a trailer for Season 3 was recently unveiled.

This show doesn’t just do good Lucha things. It does great Lucha things. There is a lot in this trailer to get fans excited. Let’s a take a closer look, shot by glorious shot. I have virtually no knowledge of the events of Season 3, so rest assured that this column will be 100% SPOILER FREE unless my speculation turns out to be accurate. I encourage you to leave a comment below. Please, NO SPOILERS.

The opening shot is simple enough with the sillhouette of someone. I’m assuming this is Johnny Mundo.


Here’s Rey Mysterio Jr. at Mariachi Plaza in Los Angeles. This is a real place located in the Boyle Heights district of L.A. As the story goes, mariachis have gathered in this place since the 1930’s to perform and look for work. It’s located less than a mile northeast of The Temple, but what is the significance of this place to Rey?

Someone is shadowboxing in this ring. It’s hard to tell exactly who it is. If I had to guess I’d say it’s Sexy Star, but look at the light on the American Flag. What could that suggest?


Kobra Moon slithers around … in a restroom?


A man jogs on the streets of Los Angeles. Is this independent pro wrestling star and Lucha Underground newcomer AR Fox?


Mil Muertes is probably overdressed for this restroom. What is the writing on that mirror?


This is an interesting image. It appears to be a new character we haven’t seen before on Lucha Underground.


Apparently jogging is really catching on in Boyle Heights. This is clearly Rey Mysterio Jr.


This shot has been a point of some debate. Many are convinced Fenix is hanging out with Melissa Santos. I’m not sure it’s her, but I don’t have a better idea of who it could be.


Matanza sits in a cell. That’s nothing new, but what’s intriguing about this shot is the cell itself. There’s a sink and something to sit on. I don’t recall Matanza having access to such luxurious amenities in the basement of The Temple. Is Matanza in jail, or is he being held by someone other than the police and/or his brother?


Prince Puma looking like a badass.


Dario Cueto looking cool, and also looking at what appears to be the Lucha Underground Championship.


King Cuerno is alive!


A fleeting glimpse of Famous B?


Wow. Sparks fly from a sword being dragged across the ground. This is a juicy image, especially when you see what comes right after it.


Black Lotus appears to have some serious backup.


Here’s a look at some new faces. The guy in the middle appears to be Paul London, and judging by his outfit, he’s the same guy we saw next to the fence earlier in the trailer.


The Worldwide Underground is back! Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, P.J. Black, Taya and … someone new.


There are a few edits like this in the trailer – a fleeting glimpse of something that is so brief, it never fully reveals on the screen. In this shot, we see what appears to be a puddle of water along with the reflection of a person and what looks like a fence of some sort. Is this Dario Cueto getting out of jail? Or, is he just arriving? OR, is this someone and something else entirely?


A quick look at Killshot.


Well, this does not look good for El Dragon Azteca Jr. Who is the person standing over him? Judging by his outfit, it appears to be Chavo Guerrero Jr., and there’s more proof of that later.


Time for some training. In this shot, we see two of the guys from Paul London’s new group.



Kobra Moon seems to be doing alright for herself. She has a cool little place to hang out and an awesome snake throne to sit on. Where’s Daga?



Sexy Star takes a swing at Mariposa, and gets nothing but wall.


A very intriguing image! Who is this mysterious looking guy…


…who appears to be hanging out in a limo with Councilman Delgado and Dario Cueto? First, it looks like Dario won’t be in police custody for very long. Are they meeting with the powerful figure Delgado talked about during Season 2? Honestly, the mysterious guy from the prior shot doesn’t look the part. His tie and top shirt button are undone. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d expect Delgado’s boss to be flawlessly dressed.


A fleeting glimpse of a medallion spinning on a chain as a woman looks on. Is this a flashback to the days of the ancient Aztecs?


A cool look at Mariposa.


Someone blows out a lit match. I’m guessing this is Catrina because she’s into candles.


She’s also in the very brief shot that follows, cradling the last of the Disciples Of Death, El Siniestro de la Muerte. He’s not looking so good, and Catrina doesn’t seem very happy about it. What happened to him?


Marty The Moth is a little tied up.




A mysterious figure high kicks a light and shatters the bulb inside. Who is this, and is he wearing a mask?


It’s hard to tell who’s in this shot. It looks like it could be Ivelisse.


But who is this person she’s apparently fighting?


AR Fox! Looks like he’s been captured by someone. Could he be one of Killshot’s brothers in arms? But didn’t Killshot say none of the soldiers in his company made it back?


Son Of Havoc is fighting … himself?


Remember that shot of the sword? Here’s the guy on the other end of it. Looks like Daga to me.


The edit makes it look like he’s fighting Johnny Mundo, but that’s definitely not the case. Mundo’s adversary is holding a different weapon like the one that can be found while you shop for AK47 rifles online. My guess is this is a training montage(perhaps sponsored by Auto Zone or Cricket Wireless). After all, what’s the point of having Johnny Mundo on your payroll if you’re not going to put him in a training montage?


UPDATED (8/26/16): Another very intriguing image. A woman in a blue top is on top of someone. Our readers think this is Fenix and Melissa Santos.



Fenix is fighting … Kobra Moon, and he just punched her right in the face. Yikes.


This shot is so quick, it’s almost undetectable when you watch the trailer at full speed, but in this still image it’s obviously Chavo Guerrero Jr. armed with a steel chair. In my eyes, this confirms that Chavo is involved in the incident that takes down El Dragon Azteca Jr.


Looks like there’s going to be some trouble between officers Joey Ryan and Ricky Reyes.


Cage is fighting … Sami Callihan? And it looks like Mil Muertes is there too. Who’s side is he on?


Sexy Star is beating up someone, but it’s hard to tell who it is.


Mil Muertes obliterates a punching bag, because on Lucha Underground all punching bags must die!


A nice pair of legs walk by.


Clap one time for Matanza!


This appears to be that backstage loading dock area in The Temple.The location is probably best known as the place where we all found out that Drago really is a dragon during Season 1. The silhouette is hard to identify, but in this still you can make out the shape of what appears to be a backwards baseball cap. Is this Angelico?


Is this Drago in his fully evolved dragon form, or someone else?


Aero Star!


Catrina (with the rock that controls Mil Muertes)!


Dario Cueto! I assume, that’s the hand of his brother Matanza.


Here’s Cage again.Whose blood is that? I’m very concerned for Cage after watching this trailer.


Sami Callihan! He’s getting the better of someone in this shot.


Angelico looks to be in some trouble. Is this a flashback to the attack that took him out of action during Season 2? Is it part of the same scene in the loading dock area?



A shocking image. Vampiro goes for the throat … of Prince Puma! When watching at full speed, I thought I saw blood coming from Puma’s neck, but it doesn’t appear that’s the case. What is clear is the bloody knuckles of Vampiro. Beating up on mirrors again?



Pentagon DARK. He may not have won the championship from Matanza, but he’s positioned like the star of the show in this trailer.


FIRE! In the final, stunning image of the trailer, Drago breaths fire. He also appears to be chained to a pillar. Why would someone do that?

If you think you have answers to some of the many questions raised by the Season 3 trailer, leave a comment below. Please, NO SPOILERS!

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