What is Setting All Elite Wrestling Apart?

IMG_5370I have been thinking a lot about the “big shows” and who they’re for lately, and even more since last night’s AEW here in Pittsburgh.  I feel like I can finally place them.  AEW may not do the wrestling that follows all the rules, or progress storytelling in the way we are used to or want from other products, but it feels like it’s aiming, and succeeding, at betting on two things: Fun and Excitement.

The live show never really had a down moment.  Not any more than your typical indy show, in format, at least.  We were not subjected to commercials and dance breaks like it felt like overruns you on a WWE Raw taping like Cleveland this week.

It’s like we take the “car crash” segment of the WCW Cruiserweights and made it almost the whole show.  This is a style that Young Bucks have made a career on and they are all betting on enough of us fans will go along for the ride.

And just fun.  Seeing the Orange Cassidy kid clip, and the antics after the bell last night, there are gags, bits, and we’re all let in on pro wrestling’s inside joke. We’re not meant to take this too seriously but come along for the ride if we’re All In.

Will it work in the long run as a weekly episodic series on TNT with traditional Pay Per Views?  We will have to see.  But if you’re not entertained by this, or don’t see the long time appeal, it’s probably just not for you.  And that’s ok.  Because you have more options today than ever before.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 656: Who’s Your Litty?

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling USSlice on BroadwayOccupy Pro Wrestling, and Professor Buzzkill!

Duke Davis and Ganon Jones, Jr. – The Mane Event, make their return to the show this week, and they brought their friend Litty!  We’re talking this week in professional wrestling, including:

  • There are some things that happened on RAW – including the appearance of Friends of the Show Mambo Italiano and PB Smooth!
  • Katie found a new friend! Thanks to The Mane Event for bringing Litty with them. <3
  • Apparently Dean Ambrose has a blanket fort?
  • So, WWE acknowledged the Dean Ambrose contract status. Are we being worked?
  • Ronda Rousey has some new merch.
  • Duke Davis is calling out to the fans to let him know which Ronda Rousey shirt he should get for working out in the gym.
  • There was a ton of wrestling in the Pittsburgh area – including WrestleRex featuring The Mane Event – and also Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Sam Adonis, and more!
  • NXT was in town last Friday. Matt and Rizz (among others) were present. Matt is sharing some thoughts.
  • Sorg made a cameo on the Impact Wrestling live stream on Twitch thanks to Sami Callihan.
  • The Mane Event is letting us know how they hooked up with Litty.
  • We’re getting ready for MayhemMania! What chaos will everyone create?
  • What did we learn from wrestling this week?

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