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Chris DeJoseph Dishes On Lucha Underground Season 3

Lucha Underground co-executive producer Chris DeJoseph joined the Wrestling Mayhem Show for a special edition of the Mid-Week War.

One of the first topics was recent reports that Lucha Underground is coming to Netflix. DeJoseph couldn’t officially confirm the news, but he sounded optimistic.

“I definitely know that something is in the works,” DeJoseph said, but added, “I don’t know if all the information out there is completely accurate.”

DeJoseph says he’s waiting to see a formal announcement by Netflix.

“Hopefully it will be the beginning of a good thing and a lot more people will be able to watch the show.”

Season 3 of Lucha Underground is currently on hold after a mid-season finale which ended with the chaos and carnage of El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Matanza crashing through various structures and Dario Cueto ordering everyone out of The Temple.

It appears Cueto’s struggle to keep others in line will be an ongoing theme when Season 3 resumes.

“He’s lost a little bit of control of baby bro,” DeJoseph said.


What about those pictures Dario has hidden away in his office? DeJoseph revealed that they’re of the Island of the Dolls, a real-life location in Mexico where dolls are said to appear without explanation.

Antonio Garza from The Wrestling Revolution has personally visited the island and confirmed, “It’s pretty creepy.” Exactly how does this place tie into the world of Lucha Undergroud? DeJoseph indicated fans will have to wait beyond Season 3 to get that answer, but he did point out, “the pictures have magical powers too.”

Another magical/supernatural development during Season 3 was Cage winning one of Dario Cueto’s “unique opporunities”, a gauntlet that clearly packs a lot of power.

DeJoseph said we will see Cage wield the gauntlet in the ring. As for its purpose…

“When he has it on it’s because he’s transforming into a god slowly…That’s kind of the purpose of the gauntlet is that whoever wears it, the god enters their body.”

We couldn’t help but notice that Cage’s gauntlet looks a lot like one worn by the unseen “big bad” who greeted Dario Cueto following his release from prison at the very beginning of Season 3.

DeJoseph confirmed there is a connection.

“You can look at Cage’s gauntlet and his gauntlet, it’s very similar..if not the same.”

DeJoseph said we’ll see the split amulet again. Right now, half of it is held by Catrina. The other is held by Captain Vasquez. Who is the original – and rightful – holder? That’s the key question.

DeJoseph also said the Gift of the Gods will come back into play “big time”.

Who will be the biggest standouts during the second half of Season 3? DeJoseph offered several names: The Mack, Marty The Moth, Pentagon Dark and also, Dante Fox and Killshot. It sounds like those two will take their rivalry to another level.

“The insanity level is taken up a full notch,” DeJoseph said. “It’s, like, uncomfortable insanity. I had people in The Temple get mad at me because they were upset we allowed that to happen.”

“I think Killshot has been on a roll,” DeJoseph added, “and I think he solidifies himself as a big player by the end of the season.”

We’ll also see ring announcer Melissa Santos take on a larger role with a major storyline in the second half of Season 3.

“Melissa is pretty popular,” DeJoseph said. “The fans in The Temple adore her, and I knew that she had the potential to pull off what we want to do…We’ve been setting this up for quite some time with Marty. He hasn’t left her alone for 2 seasons.”

Season 3 is set to resume May 31, and we may not have to wait long after that to see the next death on Lucha Underground. DeJoseph said there are more coming.

“There’s some good deaths coming on the other side. Come May 31st, I think it is.”

DeJoseph also confirmed that when Season 3 resumes, the next episode will feature The Mack challenging Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship in an “All Night Long” match.

There will be 21 more episodes in Season 3, culminating in Ultimate Lucha Tres. It will be a 4-week event with a 2-hour finale, the biggest Ultima Lucha yet.

“I think the second half of Season 3 really starts to roll hard,” DeJoseph said. “It’s a wild ride…and it sets up what I think is the best Ultima Lucha so far.”