Wrestling Mayhem Show 646: Thumbtacks and Glitter

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Sorg, Mad Mike and Larry are joined by Ronnie Starks in studio this week.  The boys are on their best behavior to avoid being cited for violations by the MtOSHA rep as they talk this week in wrestling, including:

  • Ronnie Starks is showing off the BDW Guiness World Record trophy on this week’s show.
  • RAW is snore.
  • Sorg and Mad Mike are sharing some thoughts on where the Monday night show goes on a shame spiral.
  • Anyone else notice that The Revival is getting screwed lately?
  • 205 Live talent is appearing more and more on the other shows. Does this mean we’re looking at 205 Dead in 2019?
  • It looks like Daniel Bryan is wrestling all the people he’s wanted to. Evidence that his career with WWE is coming to an end?
  • WWE Evolution went so well that they’re doing more women’s wrestling focus. Are we looking at a Queen of the Ring event?
  • Up Up Down Down at the largest video game collection on the planet?
  • Sorg is excited that Heavy Metal Jesus is now canon thanks to Edge and Christian!
  • In case you wanted to book Ric Flair to wrestle, he has been medically cleared for in-ring action.
  • We thought Rhyno was retiring, but it turns out he’s not.
  • Dojo Pro is now on Facebook Watch.
  • We’re talking tattoos, but not THAT tattoo.
  • We want to see a Green Arrow vs Green Ranger match.
  • This week’s Big Question: Which wrestler has had the biggest fashion violation?
  • We have a bit of a crossover with our guest Ronnie Starks as he went to ScareHouse and visited The Basement for their Christmas event.
  • Our friends at IWC Wrestling made some news with their recent show.
  • Sorg is sharing how creative fans get with fans-bring-the-weapons matches.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 567: Worst Husband Ever

Joe Dombrowski returns to the show to talk a little bit about his upcoming Welterweight show!  He is joined by our usual cast of characters, Sorg, Chad the Shad, Mad Mike, and Heel Larry for Wrestling Mayhem Show 567.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:WMS

  • Joe Dombrowski is sharing his Cleveland project the Welterweight Wrestling show for Indy Mayhem, but he’s giving highlights.
  • Larry is sharing his 3 Top Things in Wrestling this week!
  • Dear WWE, cutting to commercial in the middle of a match usually kills its momentum.
  • Joe is sharing his thoughts about WWE RAW and its polished finish as a TV production.
  • Thank you Xyzal owl ads during Hardy Boys matches. #FuckThatOwl
  • We’re talking about how big a thing wrestling is in the Middle East(ish) regions.
  • We’re digging the drifter sightings with Elias Samson.
  • We’re sharing our thoughts on the Superstar Shakeup and whether it’s been a good thing for the WWE products.
  • Midgets plus Alexa Bliss – we’re totally booking a new wrestling show.
  • The WWE RAW ring collapse was a thing. We have to talk about it, right?
  • Speaking of a ring collapse, Joe is sharing a fun tale of one of his shows.
  • It’s time for this week’s Big Question: What was the most memorable WWE RAW ending?
  • Reminiscing Episode 1 where we discussed the Edge and Lita Rated R Superstar live sex celebration segment.
  • We’ve got some great 205 Live discussion going.
  • We’ve got some updates from Friend of theShow DJ Z.
  • What did YOU learn in Wrestling this week?


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WWE RAW Wrap Up 9/9/13


Edge is back on RAW, Santino Marella is too, Dean Ambrose vs Danial Bryan, not the same old ending, and more!

Wrestling Mayhem Show 217: Mayhem A-Go-Go

This week, we’re premiering our footage from Chikara’s Fanclave, where we were fortunate enough to be allowed to talk with a number of talented people from the weekend’s King of Trios!  We have footage of Mike Quackenbush, Christopher Daniels, Johnny Gargano, Matt Cross, Daisuke Sekimoto of Big Japan, Bryce Remsberg, and a surprising fan. All this and clips from Chikareoke, and my battle with Stever the Turtleweiner!

SorgDJLunchbox, and Mad Mike talk about TNA’s move back to Tuesdays, the fall of the TNA Knockouts division, WWE’s post Draft progress, Bubba’s Army, and how not to get what you want from WWE…

This is Episode 217 for Tuesday, May 4, 2010. You can get the episode here on TalkshoeBlip.tv subscribe to the audio or videoversions  iTunes, look us up on YoutubeRoku, or Boxee, and as always, stay tuned towww.wrestlingmayhemshow.com for the latest! The Wrestling Mayhem Show is recorded live and can be heard/viewed from 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern on Talkshoe.comand Ustream.tv. Let us know what you think of the show, and your thoughts on the wrestling world by emailing us at [email protected]! Don’t forget you can find links related to the show’s news stories and more at our Delicious Links Page for Episode 217!

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Edge is Money

In light of our new Money in the Bank aided champion, I was pleased to find this interesting post on ProWrestling.net.

1st: Edge cashes in on John Cena.
2nd: Edge spears Cena through a table, allowing Rob Van Dam to win.
3rd: Edge cashes in on Undertaker.
4th: C.M. Punk cashes in on Edge.
5th: Punk cashes in on Jeff Hardy after his ladder match with Edge.
6th: Jack Swagger cashes in on Chris Jericho after a spear from Edge.

So there you go!  Edge is the King and the Kingmaker!  And with that, the obligatory “Edge Guy” pic…

Not Edge. Not Money in the Bank.

Introducing: The Mayhem Caption Contest.

I was bouncing around and came across this unfortunate pic on the front of WWE.com in the flash slide show.  So I thought, instead of labeling it with the filthy thoughts in my head, why not let the MayhemNation decide what goes with this?  Email a caption to [email protected] and we’ll read them  on the air!!!


Mayhemmy 2008 Results!!!